” #Innocence + UnCommonSense ; the innocence of us.” ©calilili™ 🌸©clili™🌊fromthelanding™🏝️”

” #Innocence + UnCommonSense ©

Having raised myself smooth
out of #RoughChildhood

I saw #grownups make poor choices but I assumed it was rare.

Never realized how #Uncommon it’d b 2 see #CommonSense applied 2 #problemsolving in the #world at large ;

#DearPlanet #ItsTime 2 Grow Up


this female is not yet rated™

🍃#TruliIndie™🍃 breaks soundbarrier🌱 CyberArtisan™ #ReadLabels #ReadTheLabel #ChooseTruliIndie™🍃


#CaliLili™ ‘s

eVe N’god

this female is not yet rated™

not yo Poppa’s #holidayalbum

a different kind of holiday

1 track gratis w pre-order

13 Songs

these are the days of eVe ™

We Don’t Fall in Love, We Rise™

🎬 🎼🏄🏾‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️

The album is an eclectic ‘mashup,’ a soul-based exploration in various musical styles ranging from






It’s always Rock N’ Roll.

Strong on lyrics, melody and percussion.

Deeply steeped in multicultural groove –







Argentina …

etc …

can all b heard echoing through

the canyon streetscapes of










In the wake of my own ‘ #MeToo ‘ experiences,

I began asking questions.

I built my #sustainable


a SurfShackLOFT™ in a blue-green-space™

and made the first of my

‘ #handmade


in #smallbatches ‘ –

motion-pictures and albums –

in response 2 my questions.

In the process, I grew up a little, though I will always be an IslandChildWild™ in the city, surfin’ my Lips N’ Liberties™

Now, on behalf of my team – those who worked on this project, those who are working on the next projects and

dedicated onscreen to the victims of violence against #women #LGBTQ #civilrights communities and #wildlife air water earth

‘Handmade To Make a Difference ™’ with deep love sourced from my beloved ocean, the #sealife and waters which carry me daily, for my ancestors, for the women, for every culture of kindness on this blue-green-planet™ for my mother-earth, sister-ocean™ for love-is-love, and for ‘ the innocence of us.’©

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