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” #WeToo #ForTheIndividual : Dear John💕Doe-Big-Corporate-Scale-Every-Thing-Head-Quarters 💕” ©CaliLili™


” #WeToo #ForTheIndividual : Dear John💕Doe-Big-Corporate-Scale-Every-Thing-Head-Quarters 💕©CaliLili™

We appreciate – some – of the ‘humanitarian work’ done by “JohnDoeBigCorporateScaleEveryThingHeadQuarters ” —

even though you sometimes brazenly, disrespectfully + wrongly ” borrow from ” our work —

for #SocialJustice + #EnvironmentalJustice


as a TruliIndie™ artist

a 21stCenturyGirl —

a survivor of a “MeToo” sexist misogynistic racist homophobic climate denying corporatocracy fuelling the “CulturalIndustrialComplex™

and on behalf of my team, my “tribe” : generations of “kids of all ages colors creeds + stages ” ™ © along with our grandmothers + grandfathers — similarly afflicted by the indifference of “BIG” (stretching back way before my time) –

I declare the “DeclarationOfIndiePenDance™© honoring a ” 21stCenturyRenaissanceInTheWorks™© “

My team + I work diligently – on a small scale + to promote awareness of important causes and to “weave culture “© on my loom : WildWovenSlow™

Formerly we were ok with following ‘big’ accounts — such as yours — even if they had thousands of followers and even when the “big” – indifferently discarded their own followers- chose only to follow back a few – mostly other “big” accounts. So it goes – “big” supports “big” – the big get bigger .

Recently though… I’ve been thinking … yeah, I’m doing that again …

the fact of the matter is – that independent artists like myself and my team,

as well as “individuals” with “free agency” – freedom to speak out , speak up, freedom to speak for ourselves — about ourselves —

we are neither “big” enough nor interested in attending big donor “charity” functions – strange as it may seem to you — we are also not as “entertained” by your “lifestyles of the obscenely wealthy” – as you may believe we are … stranger still — you may be surprised or confused by our wish to be “makin’ a livin’ not a killin’ “™ © by means of our own handmade meaningful work – not your predigested pablum.

I’ve noticed that – even human rights + other righteous causes have now become increasingly “gentrified” in what I name in my writings :

“GentrificationOfCulture™” – as though it’s not enough for “big” to be big – now – “big” needs to be worshipped for the table scraps they toss Humanity from the table of a charity … In fact every bit of dysfunction we witness in politics today – was auditioned in our cultural big media laboratories – funded by – you.

“we the people ” — including those of us working for years in the humanities – as artists or thinkers, teachers, activists, social workers – must be the makers of our own culture – without your helicopter mind and hand directing our every move from your bank account.

Now that you also want to “gobble up” this dignified work space — which we built — like so many artist neighborhoods built out of the ashes of poverty – that you swoop in and buy up — pushing us out of our own masterpiece — so that we must worship at your tables —

We too – are not just figuratively, but now literally, viscerally – an “endangered species” –

We Too find ourselves at the mercy of the trajectory of a path — which leaves all the ” humanity-based meaningful work” — to the 1 percent – who don’t need the work — they need to be worshipped in spite of their greed – so they “Don” our handmade wardrobes – and only then – declare it ‘holy’ –

– thus – pushing the people out of their own hoods and tribes – in order to keep us in the place you designated for us : “indentured servitude ” to your benevolent kingly bank account – even when it comes to our humanity, our environment, our arts , our very Culture – and therefore our legacy, our history, herstory — our future – our lives.

This form of “gentrified thinking” – also demands that we be grateful for your charity.

But we must not be grateful.

21st Century Social media was born to be democratic, meritorious but also – personal, new-found oxygen for the individual — village-oriented – not Corporate – not “mega.”

#WeToo choose not to harken backwards in time towards gentrification —

but to bring forward all that our ancestry built into a strong culture “for the individual” – into an inclusive – and fair —


with happiness, freedom, wellness, education, food safety — economic justice working hand in hand with environmental justice — at the forefront of our GDP – not an afterthought for table scrap billionaire philosophies —

“BigTinyFuture™ ” – for the whole planet – not just 1 percent.

We dedicate every one of our PoeticJusticeP rojeX™ to this “BigTinyFuture™ ©


The CaliLiliIndies™

where we


at our


SupportTheARTSustainTheARTIST™© :


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