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Nutrition Meets Environment ™ :

We Consume it

+ sometimes unwittingly,  like the air we breathe, by OSMOSIS :

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If you love your basic democratic freedoms : please support authentic journalism, journalists, a free press + ASK QUESTIONS – like – who’s lobbying in your legislature, and who benefits from legislation?

We Consume Culture + sometimes it’s OSMOSIS.

As an indie artist – I ask movie + music lovers to SupportTheARTSustainTheARTisT ™

#CureAteFoYoSelf™ so many “curators” are working with big money sources of content to make their “picks” that it’s pointless to consider it “curating” especially when we are living in a far more diverse 21st Century – where – so-called “curating” amounts to gate-keeping – when we CAN + SHOULD discover on our own – it’s SO MUCH MORE FUN!

Reading ‘the indie label’ is not unlike reading a nutrition label.

A Sacred Space :


Neighborhoods built from scratch by dedicated, caring, working people, are – like great relationships and also like great works of art / craft made by artisans in communion with culture – a ‘sacred space’ – which must not be violated by the pale glow of so-called ‘progress’ fueled by the zero-sum games of bottom-line parasitical leeches : cultural imposters – bottom-feeders + 1%er top-slurpers .

The 21st century dedicated working class indie artist – like 21st century – middle-class/working class humanity –

– could become an EndangeredSpecies ” together – if we don’t recognize that GentrificationOfCulture ™© is a problem for us both.

It’s not solved with PublicityStunts + gimmicks –  the kinds of ‘ charity / charities employed mainly to bestow grace on the Charity-Giver and to  absolve them of their quiet Economic Sins –

When ” citizens united” was passed by the ” scotus corporate subsidiary” they opened the door for future elimination of individual human innovation – to be gentrified by corporate-owned “Artificial Intelligence” –

If successful – this would amount to a full scale attack on free-thinking, free-living individual human “genius” (for lack of a better term) – in favor of a “wholly owned subsidiary / subsidized ” form of “genius” – only allowed to see “daylight” once fully patented by the corporation who ultimately “owned” it outright through astronomical – financially – subsidized legal means. Corporate welfare – seeking to eliminate human welfare (unless it serves the corporation).

– ‘these quiet crimes’ referenced in my song ‘4the9th™’ / ForTheNinth™© – about hurricane Katrina in New Orleans are the ‘quiet discrimination’ –

are the silent marauders sowing seeds, like harmful weeds + even more harmful pesticides, like both – virus and it’s over prescribed antibiotic – culminating in the overgrowth and dissemination of an antibiotic-resistant ‘strain’ of an ongoing economic discrimination virus –

– a virus fueled by it’s De-Nihil-ISM™ siblings – racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism , climate denial – where money doesn’t just ‘talk’ – it screams obscenities – and destroys culture + more importantly – it destroys the living artist.

What’s worse is that some of these Intruders – dare to Don themselves, Cloak themselves in the mantle of ‘artist’ – twice insulting the artist + the culture she serves, the culture she weaves, the culture with which she is interdependent.

Sometimes well-meaning, often self-serving “entertainment reporters” / “curators” ( pronounced cure-haters at our studio) who sometimes come in the form of what is often referred to as ‘ arts + culture journalists’ whether they work for high-brow or low-brow publications / media – are often entitled dilettantes / trust-fund babies themselves – who contribute to the so called “curator class” and either detest us because they can’t make art themselves – or simply do NOT understand or care about the real – flesh and blood and guts – and life of an artist –

These “culture-vultures are virulent enablers of this GentrificationOfCulture ™ – and are literally destroying the Culture – and more importantly – the living breathing artist who needs the Culture as much as we need oxygen. Guys – you don’t get it – and I’ll continue to try – to explain.

De-Nihil-ISM™ + GentrificationOfCulture™ – is cure-ated in a healing medicinal born of RESPECT +  selfdetermination –

It’s about sharing not only the wealth but also the opportunity –

WhatsInYourIndie™ :

It’s something Audiences – cinephiles and audiophiles alike – can be aware of when ever we purchase movies + music —

The term “indie” is much appropriated and it’s not a matter of race or gender- it’s about – asking the same questions we ask of our nutrition – who made it?

Did some Corporate entity swoop in and find a malleable “candidate” ( as is done in politics) to mold and shape into the “image” of “what they tell us – we the people – want”?


Just as with nutrition AND with voting – if we all take a moment to “read the ingredients” of who made the Culture we “consume” — and seek out our own “Van Gogh”- support those of us who have authentically dedicated our lives to crafting culture – we would then continue the great tradition of creating Culture together – a relationship between Audiences and professional “culture – crafters “™©-

and together we would pushback AGAINST the Corporate dominance over us ALL – because we are in the same boat.

We need to support the professional artist in media, movies , music, books – in their daily dedication —

getting a fair shot but ALSO what’s getting discarded in many industries and economies : the waning respect and growing indifference to the so called “middle class” which IS the so called “working class.”It’s about respect due – for merit as well as professionalism and dedication of one’s life to either a craft — or just as worthy – any profession – any job done well.

The Professional Artist who is an Authentic Independent Artist – is quite discernible by anyone paying attention to the “nutrition label” – it’s often someone who’s – not ‘signed’ – not ‘owned’ – not ‘in the club’ – or simply – unwilling to follow club-rules but also unwilling to sacrifice the wellness of her Culture for personal gain or ego. She’s – a crafts-person – and viewers + listeners should consider supporting the Authentic Indie Artist —

while corporate middle-persons should support + respecting those who’ve dedicated years to that craft – 

not stand ‘in the middle’ of an artist’s relationship with her listeners + viewers – with your hand out, nor your tongue – slurping off the top –







SupportTheARTSustainTheARTiST™ “






harms culture,
not just any one culture in particular …

    ” culture” is a reference to a wide variety of multi-cultural modalities + heritages … including small- business especially #artisans

Big Media has its place
( and everyone else’s too 🤣 )
sometimes cool,
sometimes not so much

We ask that music lovers poetry lovers
movie lovers and lovers of nature

wildlife + especially sealife – those of us who care about sustainability , climate action , the environment


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Please “discover” us instead of following Big$Media + BigMegaphone Cliques’ directives about the arts and entertainment

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