In Hard Times🗽 ©cl #WestVirginia #SaveDemocracy

in hard times 🗽

you find me listening

to Melissa

feelin’ fine

if she can make it
thru this mess
maybe so can i –

in hard times
i’ll be listening to Melissa

so i fell in love

i fell hard
for the territory

you know the feeling
another version
of your own story —

girl meets boy
cinderella lost a shoe
time to go barefoot
in my point of view —

these are the times

tie our souls
to our #ISMS

ain’t no way
you gonna step on
my decision —

patron ISM
fascion ISM
crony ISM
antiwoman ISM
ur #ISMism
ur #ISM
These Are The Times
we could be
listening ‘

© https://t.co/ebBcKNJLjn

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