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“Sin Darella GirlZ” © #CaliLili #song from the #soundtrack to #Oscars 2020 Contender #eVeNgodThisFemaleIsNotYetRated™️ #debutalbum #freshmusic #LosAngeles #Cali #California

“Sin Darella GirlZ”

© Cali Lili 

Lyrics by Cali Lili  

Music by Cali Lili and Wings Hauser 

Album Link : Song 3

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Did you know
that she was sung to
by the ghost of rock n’ roll?

Later on in his career
( it was
early on in hers )

Did you know 

the “girls indigo”
Taught her

like a sentence,

uh huh 

She is a Sin Darella Girl
she simply got a presence
in her high heel
high falutin’  “ indie pen dance ”

Sin Darella Girl
don’t need to do your repentance
in her high heel

High Falutin’ “ Indie Pen Dance “

Did ya know 

that there’s a songbird
from another world

Serenade her
All Night Long

Did you know that 

somewhere in her
child – hood
somethin’  happened
very wrong 

Diamonds and sweet peas
she is a Sin Darella Girl

She is loved by a songbird
from another world

Sweet Peas Bleed
When you cut them down

See the Bleeding Flowers 

All over town
Be careful what you step on
Don’t you disrespect the crown


sweet peas ain’t the only flowers around

From Vineland to Cienega

They dress in pretty colors
They perform for you

The Flowers on the Boulevard
With a hint of deja vu
They will remind you of yourself
and what it was you meant to do

So when the brutal push
is over
and you put your cell away

Won’t you notice the aroma
it is an evening in L.A.

Did u know that
that was jasmine
on the
ocean spray?

On the wind
and way

And do you know

what that scent,

What that
Purr Fume
Will Say ?

She is the next
Biggest thing
She is a star
on her big brass way

She is the Jewel
in the ring

But only for this minute this second on this very day 

She is a Sin Darella  

Sin darella
Sin darella – girl !

Sin Darella

Sin Darella

Sin Darella Girl !

Sin Darella 

Sin Darella !

Sin Darella Girl ! “

© Cali Lili

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Cali Lili Oscars 2020 Contender “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated “