world is my living room ; go ahead disown me © Cali Lili™

world is my living room ; go ahead disown me 

   © Cali Lili™                 

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” It’s so safe out here with you                                              

let’s stay for a year or two                                                                          

bet on a happy ending to this lullaby of doom 

let’s go anywhere today                                                                  

 i hear they found another ancient tomb     

  be careful when you go inside                                                

your love you will be forced to hide                                     

there’s gossip on the you know who                                            

and pictures of the end times too         


my lover is a sidewalk                                                        

a french cafe                                                                 

new york fire escape for the afternoon                                                    

my lover is a museum                                                         

or crack’d cement in bloom                                              


this whole world is my living room … 

my living room …                  

  it’s better if you play along                                                 

it’s dangerous to sing this song                                                

 it just might put you in the wrong                                                 

with the all mighty and the strong




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i’d rather be outside alone                                                 

than inside and be made of stone                                                      

to slings and arrows long outgrown                                                   

my family vampires granting blood and bone  

i give up on the dowry drone                                                 

go ahead disown me                                                              

I’ll … – inherit what i know i own …                                    

 from the seeds i’ve sown   


my lover is a sidewalk                                                         

a french cafe                                                                  

new york fire escape for the afternoon 

my lover is a museum                                                                                  

or crack’d cement in bloom                                                

my lover lies on the ocean floor smilin’ at the moon                            

my lover trips over tree tops laughin’ at the gloom  

because  –                                                                 

this whole world is my living room 

there’s room for me                                                          

there’s room for you                                                        

the world my love                                                               

you are my groom 

the world my love                                                           

you are my womb 

you are my womb you are my groom you are my tomb … 

it’s so safe out here with you …”

© Cali Lili

🍎 apple music https://music.apple.com/us/album/world-is-my-living-room-single/1435555663

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