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With Respect : Actress/Esquire Joann Marlowe (“Kay” in “ MildredPierce “) a study and a warning about the dangers of Malignant Narcissism ; the Predators among us with undiagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorders

 Recently saw an AMAZING classic movie : “Mildred Pierce”

Of course the amazing Joan Crawford – an actress’s actress – WHAT an actress – wow ! And the diabolically brilliant Ann Blyth – omg – she did an awesome job

So in the course of re-discovering this film for the second time – I also found out that my partner WingsHauser, had the pleasure of working with Ann Blyth in an episode of Murder She Wrote – ! with the iconic epic genius Angela Lansbury for whom we both have endless respect – and Wings tells me that Ms. Blyth was a true pleasure to work with –
I also learned that Wings grew up with Eve Arden as his next door neighbor !!! — WOW he has so much deep history in Hollywood and it’s Working Class Hollywood – not the gentrified kind —
Blown away by this complex, brilliant work of cinema I realized that the character of “Kay” – played by a child actor named Joann Marlowe – was the only character in the film who brought a “lightness of being” – a joy to the dark world we inhabit during the film –

The “Kay” character was not only talented – song and dance – and comedy – she also spoke “ Truth To Power ” She was the harbinger – the “canary in the coal mine” – she saw through her sister Veda’s B.S.

She warned us about her sisters’ narcissism – a malignant narcissism at that – eating up all the light in its path – in service to itself alone Veda is the perfect illustration of a “psychic vampire” – one who takes without reciprocating

“Kay” represents that element of truth we might unwittingly ignore while working overtime to “please” the narcissist who so often threatens to withhold their love

Of course many children often “take” from their parents without returning anything – but once grown up into healthy adults, most “children” do seek to give something back to their parents .
We expect some kids to “follow in their parents’ footsteps ” – but not as stalkers with oedipal knives out – to steal their parents’ lives and legacies… – that’s malignant narcissism and the world has had a great look at such creatures often incubated by too much money too many silver spoons , too many opportunities never earned but handed out in fake entitlement … Too much enabling from dynastic families and those who seek to win a few crumbs from the table of authentic hard won, earned success.  

What a brave true character Kay was – and what an interesting work of cinema warning us all about the dangers of people in our midst who suffer from narcissistic personality disorders – causing way more suffering to those unlucky enough to be in their orbit From what I know of it –

the Narcissist can almost never be “cured” – so the main focus of anyone seeking to heal damage caused by such a disorder – is the attempt to rescue all those who may experience harms caused by the Narcissist As a nation – and a planet – we, the inhabitants of mother earth – experience such harm whenever we find ourselves subjected to the Narcissism of dictators AND – above all – their enablers.

This movie, “Mildred Pierce” – is fair warning to every family, every nation – every planet – about the dangers of ignoring our “Kays” – in order to please and enable our “Vedas” – A warning about our indifference toward the sweetness of our life – as we pay attention to the psychotic dramas caused by those who’s only care is for themselves – I couldn’t stop thinking about the child actor who played the “Kay” role – Who was she ? Did she play other roles ?

What a talented person – So i looked her up, only to find out that this sweet soul – had suffered a terrible tragedy The sweet “Kay” character we mourned in the movie – met a very tragic life story after her work in Hollywood In honor of the “Kay” character – her fearless “Truth To Power” portrayal of that pure soul – undaunted and unafraid – yet vulnerable to mortality In honor of the brilliant Joann Marlowe and her family, who surely suffered from her loss – and surely stayed proud of her accomplishments – Here is a bit of information about her biography :


To be sure, It is her brilliant portrayal of the true “Joy of Life” – in the character of “Kay” in “Mildred Pierce” – that perhaps, she might have been proud to have us remember her through her hauntingly joyful work in this movie. I haven’t’ seen her other roles, but I plan to do so – in her honor.

Cali Lili