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‘Twas The Night Of The State Of The Union , When all thru the house ; Dear🗽Prez & 1st Lady Biden, VP Harris & 2nd Gent, Speaker Pelosi, Paul Pelosi & Fam, Prez & 1st Lady Obama, 1st Lady, Secretary Clinton, VP Gore & Prez & 1st Lady Carter et. al on behalf of well meaning Americans

‘Twas The Night of The State Of The Union , When all thru the house

on behalf of well meaning Americans…

We apologize …

For those of us, so discontented by their own lack of accomplishment that they must scapegoat others, like you, representatives of democratic ideals, and “others” chosen by that unfortunate practice of “OTHERING” which targets persons of “color” including Jewish persons, LGBTQ persons, women with CHOICE , wildlife, nature, sea-life – and any OTHER form of OTHER, in order to feel a semblance of the resemblance of a faux feeling of “power” for once in their lives …

When did America surrender… ?

When …

Did America , The Beautiful … surrender- such a large megaphone – to such small-minded hateful voices?

Surely the answer lies in big money media outlets bilking hearts and minds of similarly discontented viewers, sitting at home resenting their own lost opportunities …

Big Money Media offering such cynical views of culture like “survivor” – teaching only lessons of betrayal and “survival of the so called fittest”

Big money reality shows, bullying away the story-driven dramas in order to line the pockets of culture vultures at the expense of the very soul of culture herself …

Many of us, know and love relatives who belong to that group of Americans who subscribed to the cynical side of big money media … Americans getting used year after year – in service of this conservative anti-American agenda

These relatives may have even once fought against fascism abroad, only to fall victim to fascism at home.

A thorn by another name disguised as rose.

We apologize to you and to ourselves, to each other, for the neglect, apathy and cynicism of our fellow Americans…

And we all know… apologies aside … these are the times for the kind of victory meant by those powerful words :

“ We Shall Overcome “

That “Some-day” – is TODAY … RIGHT NOW

It’s now or never and never is not an option.

People – get together now – this is that “someday” or forever hold our peace .

Our “Unionis a MARRIAGE VOW and it’s up to us to heal the family , send our dysfunctional family members into recovery and protect our women and kids from the toxic abusers who have threatened the safety of our collective hearth and home :

The United States Of America.

We have NO ROOM on this beautiful big blue planet for any kind of hate. Now let’s get to work .