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“Carnal Knowledge “ & “Eve N’ God This Female is Not Yet Rated “ ; #Cinema #cine #filme #Movies #Movie #Classics #Film #women #lgbtq #blm #climate

I saw Mike Nichols’ “Carnal Knowledge” movie for the first time yesterday!


In addition to being repelled lol, I was also fascinated and so impressed yet again by the genius of director #MikeNichols
as well as the stunning cast including #RitaMoreno who definitely had the um, “ hardest “ role – no pun intended.

So – fyi –

I made the Oscars 2020 Contender

“Eve N’ God

This Female Is Not Yet Rated “ ™️

in which I costarred with movie icon Wings Hauser and what’s amazing to me and my team – is, that my movie seems to be a natural “response” movie to Carnal Knowledge!

Without ever seeing Mike Nichols’ movie, mine seems like an “answer” movie as my protagonist, named “Eve” seems to be speaking on behalf of all the women in “Carnal Knowledge!”

Without living through that time period- or seeing the film – just being a GIRL in this culture & this world , now in the “MeToo” era with Roe Vs Wade , women’s rights, lgbtq , voting rights , black lives and environmental justice for our precious Mother Earth, wildlife and sealife in the balance , threatened by conservatives who so fear progress- they are attempting to foment authoritarianism in America.

There is so much possibility for true healing in America and all over the world and my movie suggests we begin by recovering from all forms of supremacy & domination, beginning with misogyny- “ the ultimate WMD.”

Hope movie lovers check out both my film and this fascinating film by the amazing Mike Nichols side by side –

we were really amazed at the parallels!

Carnal Knowledge by Mike Nichols On YouTube :

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Movie Review 2022 Times Square Chronicles : Eve N ‘ God This Female is Not Yet Rated by Cali Lili

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