#CityOfAngels #LGBTQMovie #AllFemaleCrew #GirlPower #Film #LikeAGirl #LesbianCinema #DirectedBy #ByAGirl
#StayTuned for #FutureScreenings
TY #LAWeekly for gracing us with ur awesome publication !
#FemaleDirector #CivilRights #BlackLivesMatter Climate #Cali Indie film eVe N’ god ; this female is not yet rated™ described as “1 day in the epiphany of a 21st century girl, who kissed a girl™ the all female crewed womens’ rights lgbtq rights civil rights #climatescience themed production directed by first timer, #actress / #singersongwriter Cali Lili … Co-star iconic IndieSpiritsAward nominee WingsHauser as Doctor Godard, #CaliLili as eVe, Candace Burney as “Lila” and is “ #TripleFrated,” meaning it was written, directed and produced by a woman, making it one of the first ( if not #thefirstallfemalecrew ) narrative motion pictures made primarily by women.
In fact, this production began promoting it’s #allfemalecrew status, as far back as 2011, perhaps setting the current trend.
The allegorical avant garde indie “romance in the key of rock N’roll” is also described : “ A #Rock N’ Roll Sci-Fi Dream as the Global Girl awakens to the Legacy of Herself” is dedicated on-screen to victims of violence against the lgbtq community, women, and persons of color as well as indigenous cultures and climate science, especially ocean communities .
An eclectic soundtrack is sourced from the indie rock debut album “ Cali Lili ; this female is not yet rated “™ The production was shot near the Cali Lili Indies™ feMt0 studi0™ which is Cali’s tiny house upcycled #green “ #SurfShack Loft ” studio at the Venice Canals in VeniceBeach #girlswholovegirls NOT #Cannes2017 #Weho

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