#Sanctuary4MarineSanctuaries ; SAVE #MarineSanctuaries Dear Ladies+Gentleman of #NOAA :
Our bodies, like our planet, are primarily made from #water and our destiny as a species is inextricably tied with the survival of #MarineLife .
What we do to our #Oceans and their inhabitants, we do to ourselves with exponentially greater extreme consequences.
“ #Humanity Must Become as Sophisticated as #Technology Or We Lose BOTH . ”
Our responsibility toward marine life, #cetaceans, every creature in the sea, is no less important, than our responsibility to our citizenry and to the planetary eco-system which supports us. We must support the eco-system that feeds us, shelters us, indeed, affects every breath we take. An #ecosystem which also comforts us, bringing not only healing powers, but also joy, wonder, #science, and no less important, pleasure. 
Our Marine #Sanctuaries, and our fellow creatures of the sea, have sustained us and we OWE it to these creatures to end the injuries we have already exacted upon them …
It’s our responsibility to STEP UP, not SIDE-STEP, our efforts toward sustaining these sanctuaries and our fellow citizens of #earth … In fact we need MORE SANCTUARY for our #SANCTUARIES … It would be an act of self-harm, to harm our waters, by invading further, where we have already trespassed … PLEASE CONSIDER : THIS is THE moment in time that will define our own survival. 
Please allow me to reiterate : Our bodies, like our planet are primarily made from water and our destiny as a species is inextricably tied with the survival of #MarineLife. “ The Chain of Human KINDness is Stronger than our Weakest Links ” my friends and I IMPLORE you to access HUMAN #KINDNESS … #HUMANITY … which is also a matter of #ETHICS … in order to defend the helpless #creatures we have already impacted with our human actions … Please resist efforts made by greedy and irresponsible entities whom are either uninformed, or indifferent to the extreme stakes.
If only for purely selfish reasons, … if only for your own #beach -going / #vacationing pleasure … if only for your Kid’s futures …. if only … for whatever reason, (and there are SO MANY REASONS) … (ctd.)