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Photo by © CaliLili™2015AllRightsReserved
@TheCaliLiliIndies™ Pictures

Once Upon A Time

A Beautiful Woman

Shared with me,

Something Entitled

“The Personal Bill Of Rights.”

I Don’t Know Who Wrote it,

And I Revised it

To “Suit Me,”

Like a Warm Coat in Winter.

Here it is,

You Can Revise it to suit you too : )

Happy Pride,

To Everybody :

Because :


Whomever You Are,

First and Foremost,

You Have the RIGHT :

To “BE,”


~ ~ ~

“The Personal Bill Of Rights
by, Anonymous
( with a few of my revisions : )


To Say No,

And Yes.

To Determine How and When People Enter My Space.

To My Feelings.

Or Lack, Thereof.

To Change My Feelings Without Explanation.

To Make Choices In My Life,

And To Revise my Choices.

To Follow My Own Values and Standards of Behaviour, As Long as they do not Violate the Rights, the Safety, and the Reasonably Expected, Well Being of Others.

To Make My Own Decisions, for Myself, As Long as they do not Violate the Rights, the Safety, and the Reasonably Expected, Well Being of Others.

To Determine and Prioritize my needs and desires.

To have my needs and wants respected by others.

To Terminate a Conversation with anyone who puts me down or is not listening to me, with “listening” to be defined in reasonable terms as a “reciprocal exchange of feelings and ideas, with both parties motivated to improve and nurture the relationship.”

To Make Mistakes, and not be Perfect.

To be Honest, even if it isn’t what the other person wants to hear, within a Reasonable Expectation that I am not intentionally harming the other person, in the guise of “honesty.”

To be angry, even at someone I love, but that anger may not, under any circumstance, be expressed in an initiation of an act of violence.

To feel Anger, and say “ I’m Angry.”

To Defend myself physically, against an act of physical violence, if it is initiated against me.

To Feel Scared, and to say “ I’m afraid.”

To My Own Personal Space and Time.

To Be Flexible.

To Be in a Non-Abusive Environment.


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