CaliLiliCondor™ MakinALivin’ Not A Killin™©CaliLili™ #BandTee #MovieTee #Tshirt #Tees #Fashion #Ethical #SocialJustice #Quality
Photography, Design + Text by @calililiindies ©CaliLili™
Prints Available upon request.
If you don’t see ur fave type of tee or hoody fabric / style at my store Let Me Know + I’ll try to carry it with my designs !
Hey All 😎! Please GO TO my #TeeShop + Snag some #SWAG :
Cut+Paste :

CaliLiliCiti™ @CaliLiliIndies™

CheckItout my tees are either #HandDrawn OR i design them from my original photographs/my digital art .
In this case, from one of my upcoming projects + 1 of my several real-life + spiritual encounters w a #California #Condor #CaliforniaCondor
Text is from Lyrics 2 my songs / dialogue from my films !

Whenever you buy my music films, books + tees/prints , YOU
help US keep my tiny FeMPoWorD™
Film+Music feMt0™studi0 #SUSTAINABLE + “afloat” at my SurFshackLOFT™ which is semi- offthegrid at the VeniceBeachCanals
My OrganiX™ MultiMedia ProjeX™ are NOT CORPORATE SPONSORED so your support REALLY MATTERS
On the Tees my studio is paid only part of the purchase price, for my design. The rest of the price is for Ethical Manufacture of the shirt by Spreadshirt.

The Best Way To #SupportTheArts is to : “SupportTheARTSustainTheArtist™”

Interview :

Debut Album + Soundtrack :

BuyArtFromThisArtist ™
Dream Big, Tiny FootPrintZ™ ©
I’m Cali🐬
island*Child*Wild ™
i Make

#coralreef #girlswhosurf #beaches

This MultiMedia Content is Intellectual Property belonging to
©Cali Lili™
All Artist Rights Reserved
Rigorously Documented
Rabidly enforced

Special Thanks 2 @adrianarabyart for Graphics

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