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Some thoughts on why this matters to me … + YOU

From Cali : “I have always been a "student” … and also a communicator … this is not only a completely indispensable function of my work … but life in general.
The free and fair internet has made meaningful work and self – expression democratically available to all of us in this democracy. Without it … we would widen the inequality gap that is already challenging our nation. In order to maintain the standards of excellence for which this country is known … we absolutely MUST make learning, communicating and small business operations available to every individual no matter what is in their bank account …. Small businesses, an educated populace, science, math and equally crucial to our civilization and nation : the Humanities … as in, HUMANITY … arts, communications languages, ideas … there must be no gate-keeper in this aspect of our lives.
At a time when the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” is more pronounced than ever ( and the obscenity of that widening gap, leaving individuals without healthcare, homelessness on the rise … while large corporations and their CEO’s are paid ever larger and unchecked Wall Street dollars … ) any form of restrictions such as those proposed … may cause the actual loss of life to those who are hanging on by a fingernail, to their small businesses, their educations, in short, their dreams.
The internet is and must remain as ubiquitous and essential as the telephone … which makes it also a SAFETY issue … With natural disasters and weather alerts becoming more frequent and severe … any form of restrictions to communication of any kind may leave additional blood on the hands of those who seek to strangle it.
I urge you to keep Title II net neutrality in place, and safeguard Internet users like me.

Cali Lili “