“ The power for us all, will be in communication with each other – not media “worship” / “idolatry” patterned after other forms of “worship.” For me, “worship” is very different from what is truly “sacred.” © Cali Lili ; 🌊🌱 Cali Lili Indies™ Pictures Words Music In Motion ™ 🧜🏽‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜‍♀️ feMt0™studi0 🏄‍♀️VenusBeach™ 🐬Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™ 🦀ArtisanAuteur™ Artisanal Movies Music + Books HandMade2MakeADifference™

“ The power for us all, will be in communication with each other – not media “worship” / “idolatry” patterned after other forms of “worship.” For me, “worship” is very different from what is truly “sacred.”

It’s time, that those of us with small businesses , where we actually do our work from the ground up . – simply find each other … and – joyfully support each other however we can / however we wish to lend support.

Part of the problem in all media, including social media, public appearances, “talks”, “lectures”- even the truly brilliant ones … – seems to me : “ 1 –
Percenterism ” has seeped into that “sacred” education space where “stardom” was possibly – formerly an inside story, known only by the small group ? Perhaps there were stars in universities or think tanks – but i assume … that before the internet age, most people who were into “stardom” – weren’t looking at the universities to express worship ? Geeks were not as “cool” back in those days ? – I went to school during the digital age … – but we learned about referencing sources – I studied anthropology as well as cinema / performance arts … so – even in the information age – we have to credit SOURCES … – footnotes, etc … We give credit where credit is due …

Hey in fact – I SO enjoy giving credit to others … but it may come as some surprise – that in spite of “shaming culture” – i EQUALLY enjoy – celebrating my own work / accomplishments ! I don’t mean to imply that this came easily LOL … I had to learn how to do that more freely – but i had GREAT teachers !

Sisters / Brothers : I’m here to “testify” that this too, is “righteous” ! No Need for SHAME unless you’ve done something terrible ! What’s terrible about self-promotion when your business / livelihoods / good works are at stake ? Undeserved shame is actually harmful to everybody around you and to our society ! My next sentence might sound like promotion … – maybe it is … but HONESTLY – My upcoming film / album “ eVe N’god this female is not yet rated™ ” deals directly with this issue of SHAME … – of-course, because it deals with the concept of ” EVE “ and we all know about HER shame.

https://www.facebook.com/EVEnGodThisFemaleIsNotYetRatedby…/…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybFeysEAHtk&feature=youtu.be –


Shaming – is what I hear – when I hear anybody questioning whether it’s ok to promote … OH baby – how do we think ANYTHING EVER gets accomplished ? It’s called PROMOTION – ADVERTISING … – but can it be done ethically ? SURE ! Can it be done with dignity ? SURE ! Should everybody / anybody do it ? Maybe not ? But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. 
Unfortunately the 1 Percenters might like to hold onto a larger “percent” by any means necessary, even shaming others. In the Information Age – it seems to me … – that it’s apparently acceptable ( even by people who did go to college and did learn about footnotes and crediting sources etc … ) to take ideas from anywhere and everywhere – then – give credit only toward what will bring some form of “fame” / “worship” or advancement . It’s stealing intellectual property, but with a tacit and complicit nod from our current circumstances and a popular “head in the sand” approach – “well, everybody’s doing it.” Like other “isms” – 1 Percenterism, allows people who are already famous, or those who seek a path to it – with good contacts, money, and a certain “talent” for gathering agreement in the right circles to hire “ researchers ” PR agencies / “ interns ” to “research” everything that’s “new” “trending” etc … basically trolling the content that other artists put out there to their followers … – then these “researchers” deliver that information packaged, ready for re-packaging … so that the celebrity can “stay current” / “fresh” and frankly, “relevant” … – using the works / ideas and brilliance of other artists who may not have PR agencies etc … This applies to that new kind of information age “celebrity” ,,, using ideas without crediting the source … in order to forge their pathway to a new kind of “information age stardom” … deluding themselves that they’ve been “anointed” to “compete” with artists who might be churning out great work, without a huge PR agency backing them … Whenever a celebrity “takes” ideas from lesser known artists, it’s not just “appropriation” – it’s simply intellectual property theft, unless they credit the source ( no matter how obscure). I speak from experience as this has happened to me, and as the goddess Whitney Houston sang “ it’s not right, but it’s ok, I’m gonna make it anyway” …. As such, it’s become ok for “stars” to “research” the internet … where new ideas, diamonds in the rough are posted daily -then credit only the “famous” people / “name drop” – while discarding other sources quite easily, if those sources don’t add to the value of the “brand.”

Anybody who tries to SHAME you for working your — off to accomplish your goal … is messin’ with yo’ head.

My suggestion is that – “we the people” … – those of us struggling to get our businesses / projects out into the world … stop “worshipping” and start helping each other. I’ve been paving that path proudly and against all odds since 2011. I’ll continue to do just that – and I ask for any and all support of my very hard-won accomplishments, as an actress who reacted to #MeToo circumstances, by building my own Hand-Built Woman-Owned Studio for Indie Films, Indie Albums, Poetry, Photography and Books.

Please join us everywhere, please support my projects – if we can – we will do our best, to support your business – pending details etc … 
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Cali Lili ™ In response to an article questioning self-promotion on a site that is all about – self-promotion.

Please check out one of the interviews I was asked to do … more on the way … http://www.wearemovingstories.com/we-are-moving-stories-videos/2017/6/21/eve-n-god-this-female-is-not-yet-rated