This is a love song for the ‘ #chicas ,’ the #girls , the #angels in the ” #cityofangels ” and in every #city , #worldwide. There’s nobody quite like her, she’s your star. ” ©  PopUpSingleZ™ Honoring #WomensEqualityDay

” Her high heels clicking down the sidewalk,

gum snapping –

and the sting from her smart mouth.

This is a love song for the ‘ #chicas ,’

the #girls ,

the #angels in the ” #cityofangels

and in every #city , #worldwide.

There’s nobody quite like her,

she’s your star. ” © 🐬

Like much of my work,

this song was influenced 

by the ultra cool people I’ve met in urban Los Angeles – my “new hometown” – “my small town” –

… having moved here from NYC… which is my ” original hometown” –

both cities are “cities of angels ” to me …

and this project is a “shoutout” to ALL the “Sin Da Rella GirlZ™



in all the 21st Century global cities of the angels  –   world-wide !

the multicultural mix of beautiful skin tones …

the bronze, brown, peach, pink, black beauties …

in the secret gardens,

the moving streets,

the delicious aromas of the multicultural foods available everywhere…

the small businesses and new enterprises…

the sounds! –


including the reggaeton sounds I’ve fallen in love with….

AND as usual – everyday I fall in love with PEOPLE!! …



we always win over the haters …

we win with Love …

because we are love …

and “We Don’t Fall in Love, We Rise ™”©

Every day … together we rise…


PopUpSingleZ™   🐣🐬🐝🌊🎬🎼

Honoring #WomensEqualityDay

Hello Friends !

As a 21st Century Girl


21st Century Sustainable Artist

I am advocating a better quality relationship

between the Artist


all those who are in a position to enjoy, become inspired by,

and also – Support TheArtist directly –

As I posited in one of my very first social media posts :

” Let’s Make Up a Better World ™ ” together ?

Please JoinUs ” On The Road To Release ™ ” ©

I am SO proud of the teams … this project literally ROCKS

Cali Lili Indies ™
VenusBeach ™
Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™ 🦀

Venice Beach


Sin Da Rella GirlZ ™ 🧜🏾‍♀️ 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🧜‍♀️


Thank you for loving the music ..

i love you and much more is on the way…

We made this for you💗


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