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this_female_is_not_yet_ratedIn the previous “dark ages” – women were targeted

as a result of their “magical powers”

In today’s “dark ages” – it’s up to women and men – to

restore, revive, and celebrate our “magical powers!”

My tiny studio was born, partly for that reason !

presenting :

this female is not yet rated ™

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Title Track



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” HandMade 2 MakeADifference ™ “

2019 Indie Motion Picture :

“eVe N’god

this female is not yet rated ™


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I am a TotallyIndie™ new artist delivering music, movies and books to you –

directly from

The Cali Lili Indies ™


Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™

In response to my own “MeToo” experiences, I took the savings from my baby-sitting, yoga instructor, and acting jobs and founded a “blue-green space” where my Pictures Words Music in Motion ™ could come to life, with the help of my awesome team of fellow makers and crafts-persons.

My work has been “disrupting” misogyny, racism, homophobia and climate-ignorance since 2010.

Since then many corporate-artists and studios have followed the lead of my tiny femt0™studi0 however, the authenticity of my ArtisanAuteur™ projects simply cannot be imitated. This genuine work we do, is from the heart, made by hand “in small batches.” Each of the projects is a Signature Collectible piece

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” a holiday album for the most of us ” ©

( please note : there is a parental advisory on some of the songs ! )

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