” We consume culture same way we consume food – becoming it ” (© excerpt from Cali Lili’s “Declaration of IndiePenDance ™ “)

” We consume culture same way we consume food – becoming it ”
(© excerpt from Cali Lili’s “Declaration of IndiePenDance ™ “)
Not All “Indies” are Created Equal
Small Streamers + Indie – Individual Artists are navigating a marketplace in which rich corporations claim the word ” Indie ” in order 2 capitalize on it’s connotations
I hope #MovieLovers #Audiophiles #MusicLovers will join
The Cali Lili Indies™ movement :
SupportTheARTSustainTheARTIST™ We are asking audiences 2 :
#ReadTheLabel on the “indie” movie or music you consume
just as the same as one might ” Read The Label ” on a #food item
Please consider asking questions about the “origins” and “manufacture” of that so-called ” indie ” – just as you might do with a piece of #fruit #vegetables #coffee #chocolate #wine – #fabrics … etc … #How Was it made ?
#Who made it?
Was it made by #makers #artists ?
Or corporate deal-makers?
Do the proceeds go to the maker and support the maker’s future endeavors or just support a middle-man corporation ?
We’re suggesting this solution :
Whenever possible …
Please consider finding out how to :
and if you are not sure – you might even ask the artist how to best support the work …
While it is all too easy to relegate the “artist” + “art” to an irrelevant corner of our societies – pretending that what we do is not #WORK … – truth is – “artist rights” are indeed “human rights. ”
The way artists are treated in any society, is a direct reflection of the ” #humanity ” ( or inhumanity ) at the very foundations of #civilization .
#History and #HERstory show that cultures which elevate wealth and forms of “feudalism” / corporate greed – are simply depriving and ultimately dooming themselves to lack-luster, soulless futures on every level, including #economic failure …
While civilizations who encourage and support the thriving, not just surviving of their citizens who are living artists, are #healthy #nourished – balanced and whole on every level – including a respect for #wildlife #nature #ecological systems as well as human needs such as #healthcare #education #socialjustice .
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The work released by my team is ” #handmade 2 make a difference ”
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I believe that “these are the days of eVe ™ “
Describing how I work with my signature methodologies, to create signature MultiMediaOrganiX™ might be described as – an ArtisanAuteur™ or CyberArtisan™
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