Los Angeles : First-time director #ActressAuteur™ Cali Lili’s LGBTQ interracial love story and climate-action-based gender debate “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™” opens on Feb 1, 2019 for a one week run through Feb 7, 2019 playing three shows a day, at the Downtown Independent Cinema, The run of this “fresh off the grid” Brand New Indie Film follows the current run of #TheFavourite at that theater :


   For Immediate Release :   January  22, 2019  – 

First-time director #ActressAuteur™ Cali Lili’s LGBTQ interracial love story and climate-action-based gender debate “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™” opens on Feb 1, 2019 for a one week run through Feb 7, 2019 playing three shows a day, at the Downtown Independent Cinema :  251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles California, 90012  ph. (213) 617- 1033

The “fresh off the grid” New Indie run follows the current run of #TheFavourite at that theater :


The allegorical, avant-garde fairytale is described as  “1 day in the epiphany of a 21st century girl, who kissed a girl ™ A lost and found, edenic virginity fantasy bordering on polyamory, a bittersweet climate-change romance in the key of Rock N’ Soul and an immersive, sea-life sci-fi dream as the Global Girl awakens to the Legacy of Herself.”

The all-female crew production from actress/director Cali Lili and her sustainable, up-cycled, movie and music studio in the gentrification-torn Venice Beach Canals was shot throughout Venice with ocean-conservancy footage that includes a local octopus named “Octavia” and other sea-life, appearing unprompted for the lens during principal photography.  

Movie co-stars the legendary Indie Spirits Award nominee, iconic actor/musician Wings Hauser in the lead male role, Doctor Godard / aka “god,” with Cali Lili as “eVe,” and Candace Burney as “Lila.” Certified on IMDB as “Triple F – rated,” meaning that it was written, directed and produced by a woman, making it one of the first (if not the first) narrative motion pictures made primarily by women. The project originated, in part, as a response to Cali Lili’s own “MeToo” experiences and promotion of it’s “all female on-the-set crew” status, began during pre-production as far back as 2011 likely setting the current trend and weathering early discriminatory push-backs from various directions. This theatrical release is considered a remarkable unlikely milestone attained by such a small team, against all odds. 

Description of the film as “breaking the sound barrier,” is reference to the lead female  “speaking over 51% of the film,” and “shattering narrative structures along with glass ceilings”  in a poetic, fluid, dream-like style in which music and sound play a role. The story’s narrative is based on true-life events including a semi-autobiographical “coming out” story. Dedicated on-screen to victims of violence against women, LGBTQ persons and the environment – dialogue centers on a surfer studying for her PHD in science, but who must work as a stripper to pay tuition and evolves into a debate involving the love-hate triangle between “eVe” as “everywoman,” Doctor Godard as University thesis advisor / white male authority figure, and “Lila” / aka “Lilith” as eVe’s black lesbian lover and spiritual “twin.” The “Global Girl”  is described as a “greek chorus” in this modern-day re-telling of “ancient secrets.”  Born organically from a graphic novel, the project is equal parts cinematic exploration, love song, declaration of independence, and political protest on behalf of all vulnerable lives in the balance.     

Songs on the soundtrack are described as ” sexy-smart protest-love-songs, thick with lyrics and percussion, ‘Rock N’Soul recorded with a diverse, inclusive group of professional live musicians, minimal synth. Cali’s Singer-Songwriter Style ranges from Feminist Rap / Soul Hip Hop to Anthemic guitar heavy Psychedelic Folk-Rock, to Femme-Punk and World-Beat Grooves. 

The 13 song debut-album / soundtrack recently dropped, encouraging audiences to know the songs before seeing the movie, or get to know them afterwards, and is available on Apple iTunes and all other music platforms

: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cali-lili/1402310156

Movie Trailer on Youtube :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybFeysEAHtk&list=PLOo3oJVjWZYRiDartBwKLpq


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