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Celebrating #WorldOceansDayEveryDay

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VenusBeach™ Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™

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Gratitude for being included on the World Oceans’ Day site :


Honoring World Oceans’ Day 2019  

Saturday June 8 and beyond

Cali Lili Indies ™

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Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™


The Sustainable Organic Motion Picture

shot on the water   

“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™”    

released to a new additional platform

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The Indie Movie a narrative drama indie feature film, which includes feminist themes, social-justice and environmental justice themes, along with LGBTQ content – but which also includes AMAZING footage of Sea-Life : “OctaviaThe Octopus™” graced us with her cephalopod strutting during principle photography as did “LegsTheCrab™” and beautiful sea-birds featured in the movie.

*** please NOTE : the film is an Allegorical Avant-Garde fable for Grown-Ups HOWEVER : since I will always be a “kid” – releasing projects for “kids of every age ” : parents can share these awesome sea-life clips with kids ! please note there will be future kid-friendly suggestions


an UPCOMING #KidsBook IS ON THE WAY from our kids’ division c.lili.sillyZ™ c.monster™ so please stay tuned ! )

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Music Single

“World Is My Living Room ™”  

© from the Organic Soundtrack recorded on the water – on location – at one of the film’s various water-based sets !


iTunes :


Album Art from the song single 
"World Is My Living Room" ™©
From Cali Lili's  Debut Album :  "this female is not yet rated ™" Soundtrack to the motion picture :                                  
         "eVe N'god this female is not yet rated ™" ©

iTunes :


CD Baby Indie Music Store :


This fempowered™  all female crew movie + mixed gender crew album

was shot and recorded on the water at various locations throughout Venice Beach and surrounding neighborhoods.

Cali Lili’s




+ author’s loft






with re-cycled materials

on ‘half-a-shoestring-budget™©’

“afloat ” in the heart of Venice Beach, Cali

hand-built in harmony™



by Cali Lili + her fempowered™ team

in order to tell Social Justice + Environmental Justice themed stories

“HandMade To Make A Difference ™”

” where-ever WomenMeetWaterZ™”

Cali and her team invite global audiences to :

“Sip the OysterZ™ Savor the PearlZ™”

In hopes that viewers, listeners, readers will

enjoy the entertainment in the present moment

and also “savor” themes, images and ideas

for future action to save the planet.

Cali’s focus often centers on the Sea-Life and Ocean environment to which she dedicates her work

and which sustains her inspirations.

Cali strives daily to share her deep love of our oceans with audiences worldwide

This World Oceans’ day 2019 – and Every Day

Cali and her team are so very proud to share this motion picture and soundtrack with you.


Celebrating #WorldOceansDay

 @  The #CaliLiliIndies™ #PicturesWordsMusicInMotion™ #feMt0™studiO #VenusBeach™ #CuttingEdgeOfThePacific™  


A Celebration

In Awareness4Action™ : 


4 #MySisterOcean™

We are so grateful to be listed at the World Oceans’ Day Organization :




So do Oil and Gas

( from which plastics are made ! )

Together – Humanity must move forward to :


This applies not only to plastic and other waste that ends up in the oceans, harming our


but ALSO

to the Oil and Gas from Cars, SHIPS, Boats, All forms of water-craft +Industries

along with CHEMICALS such as Chlorine – which should NEVER be used on Boats and Ships … to other harsh Chemical Surfactants, Soaps, etc …

Step One : First : Reduce : LESS really is MORE!  use LESS  of everything!

Step TWO :  ReUSE :  #Upcycle ! get creative! Some of our best ideas come from UP-cycling :  It’s just more FUN than buying increasing amounts of:  future trash !

Step Three : after steps one + two :  then Recycle

More Tips On The Way … ~ > > >

During Oceans’ Day and BEYOND : we will post ideas on how we can all nurture Mother Earth, SisterOcean™ AND also : OURSELVES …

When We SaveTheSea

We also

Save Our-Selves


AquaCultureZ™ BluePlanetGreenSpaceZ

I was “born on the water” and ever since, I’ve been ‘called’ and connected to the ocean, as my spirit-source.

The Cali Lili Indies™ pWMiM™ feMt0™studi0 is my hand-built, sustainable, upcycled, green ‘SurFLoft™H20’ which includes a ‘living floor’ partly featured in the movie

It’s where my team + i create one-of-a-kind Signature, ‘Single-Origin’ collectible ‘pieces’ which I have come to call : ‘ c.lilisAquaCultureZ™’

My minimalist style, which began during my early teenage work in theater ( I was skipped several grades and began college at the age of 13) – has now become a significant trademark of my studio. My aesthetic, along with my deep love for the ocean and mother earth, for wild-life such as wolves, and for sea-life especially cetaceans, cephalopods, and ocean crabs, made it a clear choice – that I would create the concept of ‘SustainableFilmSetZ™’ where all my sets were culled from up-cycled objects which would then become up-cycled again after the production ( like the construction of my studio loft) and at-least 90% of my wardrobe was made from up-cycled garments and/or hand-made from scratch – destined for up-cycling ‘MadeFromReturnedTo™’

Dream Big Tiny FootPrintZ™ DeclarationOfIndiePenDance™

My HandMade ArtisanalMovies™ + ArtisanalMusic™ projects are the result of ‘lived experience’ and we call them ‘HandMade2MakeADifference™” because the studio and projects were born from my response to ‘MeToo’ experiences as well as – my desire to create a project with an all female production crew ( we may have been the first ? but certainly among the very first ) along with my dedication to telling Social Justice Stories + Environmental Justice Stories, unencumbered by ‘big money’ / corporate studio over-lords.

ToyBoXTech™ IndiGoGreen™ GrassRootSproutZ™ MomNPopUpShopZ™

Intellectual Property Warning :  All content and multimedia property
of © Cali Lili

 “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™” 





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