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” #WayfaringStranger Acapella ” gratitude 4 Desmond Tutu #DesmondTutu let’s join hands, study him well, continue his work ; #QWOC #MeToo #LGBTQ #VotingRights #SaveDemocracy #kwanzaa #christmas #chanukah #holidays #NYE

“Cali Lili originally shared her a capella blues gospel
the classic spiritual

honoring Juneteenth

the suffering

and also the grace

the struggle

We share

“Until everyone is free nobody is free”

We are all

The Wayfaring Stranger

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note from the artist :

“This song bears a long, sometimes disputed history / herstory.

I tried to channel a spiritual source where I feel we all connect by heart + soul through this epic work. 

A different version of an acapella rendition was used in the background vocals for the title rap / world track on the soundtrack for my

Oscars 2020 Contender

The version released on Juneteenth 2020 was sung during the events of Covid-19 with countless human rights abuses the world is witnessing still today and every day – whether they be human rights abuses, patient safety or healthcare workers / essential workers safety , environmental safety, economic security, election security

Today, Kwanza 2021 and Christmas / Chanukah

Today on the occasion of the passing of the hero Desmond Tutu

We offer the song up as a tiny voice of gratitude for his courage , vision and guidance

Let us join hands and study his teachings well

Let us join hands and continue the work

Oscars 2020 Contender :

“eVe N’ god
this female is not yet rated ™ ” ©

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