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“a #dreamdeferred is black+blue, the bayou weeps for me+u #NinthWard she went peacefully #Trayvon #Tamir & #SandraBland the #watersrisin’ up again“© #ForTheNinth™ #NinthWard #music #Songs4Democracy #Music4Democracy

“For The Ninth” 

© Cali Lili 

Lyrics by Cali Lili

Vocals by Cali Lili

Music by Cali Lili & Wings Hauser

Produced & Arranged by Cali Lili

Album Link : Song 4 


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She died                                                                                                          
under arrest 

I’ll bet she felt under-dressed
for an occasion of such


Thankful Billie didn’t see                                                                         
the crooked flood of New Orleans

The Ninth Ward she went peacefully                                       
by morning levies they were free                                              
Her friends were few                                                                              
the pain she knew

Oh how each one was new 
and some like ‘Satchmo’  they were true
i’ll be that she felt under-dressed                                             
for an occasion of such 


From old New York 

down to the new Bayou                                     
you can hear the Creole cry 

up Harlem Avenue   
We miss you ‘Lady Day’                                                     
Sir Louis                                                                                                         
Langston too 

A dream deferred is black and blue                                           
the Bayou weeps 

for me and you 

These quiet crimes 

the new Bayou

they’re building us 

‘a dream improved’                                      
upon the bodies they removed

from hallowed ground 

built by The Blues                                     
She died 

under arrest        

i’ll bet that she felt under-dressed                                           
for an occasion of such




Under arrest.


old New York 


to the new Bayou                                     
you can hear the Creole cry 

up Harlem Avenue   
We miss you ‘Lady Day’                                                     
Sir Louis                                                                                                         
Langston too 

A dream deferred is black and blue                                           
the Bayou weeps 

for me 

and you 

The Ninth Ward 

she went peacefully 

thankful Billie didn’t see 

the crooked 

flood of New Orleans

The rivers sins
Flint Michigan
Sandra Bland

The waters’ risin’  up again

These quiet crimes
The new Bayou

Thankful Billie didn’t see

The Crook-ed

Flood “

© Cali Lili all rights reserved

Oscars 2020 Contender “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated “ by Cali Lili