“Cells have walls – that talk, … don’t they ?” #SocialDistancing #Covid19 + the two main characters in my movie – are never in the same room … © cali lili™


I made a movie that deals with – pretty much everything today’s global cultures are grappling to heal – racism, sexism, homophobia + climate denial –

but, up until recently, I hadn’t mentioned that 2 main characters in the film – are actually never in the same room throughout the entire two hour movie.

This week is an appropriate one to explore that aspect – which sought to discover ways in which living beings persevere to always find meaning and – poignancy – even as we communicate beyond arbitrary boundaries.

My movie is loaded with tiny clues symbols + #codes / #code for those who are #game for the treasure-hunt + don’t mind #geekingout to discover some treasure.

I’m not a #scientist + I know u guys get PISSED when movies get it wrong – but I definitely worked, as a poet – to show my love for precious #Science
Please forgive errors – but please – give me the benefit of the doubt + reach out 2 us, support my work

My thesis for this part of the movie, was actually my exploration of the word #cellular or “cell.” The outer membrane of a #cell (varying from cell2cell™) both protects the cell but is ALSO often a permeable – “cell-phone” – mode of #transmission which is – of course – #communication + further interesting – is the fact that we call our phones – a principal means of communication / togetherness – “cells” even while – “cells” are a means of both incarceration and #quarantine
Cells have walls that talk, don’t they …

My fascination for the metaphorical “walls” that separate the two characters in my movie – but which also serve as a “means” for communication / transmission – seems so exceptionally poignant this first week of #covid19 awareness in America …

As my anxiety, like that of many – is definitely active whenever I fully attend to “what’s happening” – i find myself rediscovering my film, in ways I had hoped fellow cinephiles would do.

As more find ourselves in a state of what is being called #socialdistancing – I’m ruminating on this thread of the story in

#eVeNgodThisFemaleIsNotYetRated™☯️ perhaps we can schedule an online Facebook discussion about the movie in future. “

Movie out on #AppleTV #iTunes #googleplay #Youtube + #vimeo #worldwide (soundtrack available everywhere music streams )



🎬🍎 https://t.co/r7hwds7iDs
🎵🍎 https://t.co/cLRvSOk0gy
🎙️ 2019 Interview https://t.co/9NHCWmeUe7

🎬🍎 https://t.co/r7hwds7iDs
🎵🍎 https://t.co/cLRvSOk0gy
🎙️2019 Interview https://t.co/9NHCWmeUe7