It is time to Recognize, Understand, and Remedy with Alacrity : the very Simple Cause for Abusive Conditions under which so many #innocent people suffer.

The Pathological Psychology of a State Dictator is that of any other Common Bully, Emotional Abuser, Physical Abuser.

Please let us apply the Same Common Sense Remedies for any other case of Abuse.

The Same Remedies applied Upon receiving the Abused Family Members into a Safe House or Shelter can be applied globally.
The Stakes are catastrophic if we neglect this Mental Wellness for :
Our #GlobalFamily.

At the very simplest psychological level – the solutions are so clear. Like any #Culture or Group of People oppressed by The Dictator – the #Family Members of an Abuser suffer unimaginably, the daily agonies of tortures – both physical and psychological in nature.

These agonies damage victims for #generations …

Unhealing Wounds paid forward into the future … generation after generation … scarring, savaging the humanities of us all as the wound becomes encoded genetically
In a never-ending cycle of misplaced tolerance for pathology.

Please let us End Our #Tolerance for Pathology and Begin the #Remedy with the very same Basic Common Sense used to protect an innocent child from the Pathology of her abuser.

If We Numb ourselves into delusive agreement with Toxic Apathies, lulling ourselves into the Oblivion of a Depressed #World View that holds it impossible to end war, abuse, hate, torture … – then what?
Then by abdication, we have accepted our own Demise through knowing and willful Sufferage of Pathology and Abuse.

If we accept Such Sufferage for another, then by definition, we accept it for ourselves.

To see this truth – is one step toward Global Mental Wellness and therefore – one step toward the remedy of a condition that literally plagues us
Global #MentalWellness Assures Global Physical Survival by our admission and acceptance of the Larger, #Kinder Most Practical Truth.

That #Truth is of our #Unlimited #Potential to counteract the equally unlimited pathologies of the Abuse (ctd…) “Dictator as Bully Abuser
The Victim’s Remedy is To End Tolerance For Pathology"©Cali Lili™2014