#GlobalMentalWellness …(Ctd…) … If We Numb ourselves into delusive #agreement with Toxic Apathies, lulling ourselves into the Oblivion of a Depressed World View that holds it impossible to end war, abuse, hate, torture … – then what?
Then by abdication, we have accepted our own Demise through knowing and willful Sufferage of Pathology and Abuse

If we accept Such Sufferage for another, then by definition, we accept it for ourselves …

To see this #truth – is one step toward Global Mental Wellness and therefore – one step toward the remedy of a condition that literally plagues us
#GlobalMentalWellness Assures Global Physical Survival by our admission and acceptance of the Larger, Kinder and Most Practical Truth …

That Truth is of our Unlimited Potential … to counteract the equally unlimited pathologies of the Abuser …

Global Mental Wellness is vital to our survival and perhaps we ignore and discount it because most cultures do the same with individual Mental Wellness

Via #Global #MentalWellness we will have access to these Remedies :

It is #Possible to access our own Toxic Emotions as individuals and also as Cultures, Societies, States, Countries …
It is Possible for us all to #Detoxify, #Remedy, Improve, #Heal our own Behaviours when we know we have crossed a line
It is #Possible to #Recognize Early #WarningSigns of Impending Events via Understanding the Mechanism of Abuse and the #Psychology of The Abuser … and

It is Possible and Necessary,

To Say “No” in the Very Earliest Stages of any impending Abusive Event,

It is Possible and Necessary,

To Say “No” most often with Non-Violence

It is Possible and Necessary,

To Say “No”

Whenever a Dictatorial, Abusive presence rears its ugly head across our own boundaries
It really is – Possible.


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