“See The Dilettantes Parade ; Pollock My Paintings ” © Cali Lili ; #poetry ; #GentrificationOfCulture™

Pollock My Paintings

Lyrix ™ by Cali Lili ™ Cali Lili Indies ™ © 2012, 2021


” See the Dilettantes Parade

Burning Villages

Marching on the Graves

See The Dilettantes Parade

Stitchin’ Up the Cat Walks

On Camo from the Brave

See the Peacocks On a Plate

Suckin’ Magic

From the Lips of Loners

Pluckin’ Dinner

Plyin’ Fresh Conquest


Of Compliments & Hope

Candy from the Mouths of Babes

Who Crawled Through Mud and Gutts

To Win the War Within

See the Dilettantes Parade

Burning Villages

Marching on the Graves 

If you Teach me with your Love, Couture

How to Pollock My Paintings

On a Drive By’s Blood

And the Smile Upon My Twisted Face

Show Me the Hearts

And I Will Hold your Hand

Let the Feast Begin

The Lines

My Twisted Mind

Draws Upon the Gifted Sand

Show Me

Show Me

Show Me How

How to Pollock My Paintings

Steal Magic

from the Mouth

You never dare to kiss


Dilettantes Like this 

True Enemies

of bliss “


Defend Democracy

The Times Have Found Us 



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