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“ We Don’t Fall In Love, We Rise “ © #CaliLili #debutalbum #album #soundtrack #Oscars 2020 Contender #BestSong #music #newartist

“We Don’t Fall In Love, We Rise

© Cali Lili

Lyrics by Cali Lili 

Music by Cali Lili and Wings Hauser 

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No I’m not here                                                                                               

To sing you

a torch song   

Burning slow                                                                                                        

The singer low

Pain becomes more beautiful with every blow     

That torch, 

It glows 

like it doesn’t know

No I don’t see the beauty                                                                                                       

in a love gone wrong        

No I don’t know the pleasures                                                             

of a torch song     

Yes from now on every other song                                              

Is just another song 

No I’m gone 

I’m gone 

Yes I’m gone 

This livin’ is a homicide                                                                            

Loving you

was suicide                                                                                              

I don’t wanna fall in love 

This livin’ is a suicide                                                                               

Loving you was homicide                                                                        

I don’t wanna fall in love          

I wanna rise 

I wanna rise 

I wanna rise 

I’m aces and eights                                                                                 

Always late                                                                                                          


like some cowboy child  

Shot in the back,                                                                                        

beast of beauty                                                                           

beauty in the beast                                                           

I been here before  

And I am poor                                                               

I’m poor                                                                      

I am poor 

Mother Nature you ain’t no angel                                                   

I’m thrown down for a loss                                                   

All I’m askin’ of you baby

One line 

I’m asking you not to cross                                   

Please don’t call her ‘baby’                                                               

‘Cuz baby I am yours

I’m yours

I’m yours

I am yours 

I don’t wanna fall in love                                                                                

I wanna rise                                                                                                     

Even when divided, 

love multiplies

I don’t wanna fall in love                                                     

I wanna rise

Love multiplies,                                                                                                

love multiplies 

This livin’ is a homicide                                                                       

Loving you was suicide                                                                                                          

I don’t wanna fall in love 

This livin’ is a suicide                                                                             

Loving you was homicide

I don’t wanna fall in love,

I wanna rise 

I wanna rise 

I wanna rise “

© cali lili all rights reserved

Oscars 2020 Contender
“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated “