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“I debated posting this 2022 #interview about my #film & #music work during this crucial moment in #democracy . But then, I noticed how often I mention #freedom . My #education in #LiberalArts was cupids’ arrow into the heart of a #culture I weave with purpose in defiance of tyranny. So here it is, with added thoughts.

I debated posting this 2022 interview about my film & music work during this crucial moment in global democracy .

Then I noticed how often I mention the word “freedom” in the interview .

My education in Liberal Arts was cupids’ arrow into the heart of culture I weave with purpose in defiance of tyranny.

Dear World let us join hands to save our planet, by saving our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and everywhere brutality seeks to harm civilization and every living creature on our blue planet mother earth.

So here it is, with some added thoughts.

Victoria G Interviews Cali Lili – Wattpad

Victoria G Interviews Cali Lili – Wattpad


Below is a copy of the interview I share tonight with utmost respect for all those fighting for democracy around the world and at home in America.

As an artist I already pledged long ago to cherish, honor, love and never squander the freedoms of democracy. That’s between me and my goddesses.

It’s my job to contribute to woven culture in the name of our democracy.

I defy any toxic entity tampering with our mother-earth given rights to life, liberty and YES, GODDESS BLESS the pursuit of happiness. Liberte , Equalite, Fraternite and in all my work, I have added :

Soeurorite too –

not just for humans, but for ALL living beings on our Blue Planet, Mama Earth, including the sea-life populating approximately 75% of our swirling, twirling, soaring swimming pool planet. “

Cali Lili


2022 Interview : Victoria G interviews Cali Lili :

What inspired you to become an actor? 

“It seems as though it’s always been a feeling so natural with me, something I’m meant to do, even though nobody in my family of origin works in the arts. In fact,  most of them are scientist / mathematician types and definitely did not want me to do this, but this feeling was always within me asking to come out .   

 At first, I expressed that feeling through dance scholarships in New York, so my work began with rhythm, movement , light and then naturally morphed into theater … more awards and scholarships …

I think it’s better to pursue something within the scope of your mastery even though the “marketplace” doesn’t always reward the best qualified… I feel it’s still a better way of life — to pursue something I have a genuine authentic facility / mastery with — because even when you’re good – it’s a very challenging industry…

In thinking about it now, for me, it seems to be a passion to communicate to others, through a sacred craft and medium, whether it be theater or film or music – to communicate through my humanity to your humanity and also, my love of wildlife, nature, especially sea-life and oceans is part of what always inspires me —

 that’s why some of my company Cali Lili Indies ™️  trademark slogans include :  “ pictures words music in motion ™️“ “handmade to make a difference “™️ & Cutting Edge Of The Pacific ™️” 

BTW There’s actually a “craft” to acting & I feel that’s often conveniently forgotten in exchange for the “trade” or “commerce” …?

– that’s something I’ve always been personally inspired by – to improve my craft. In my opinion it can’t be taught, only worked at – with dedication and for genuinely personal reasons. 

My desire to connect with other humans, and living creatures on this blue planet, through the medium that ‘downloads’ life on film / music / publishing – in order to ‘upload’ life for each other …

… and ultimately, make life better some-how, even if it’s just having fun, admiring beauty, sharing a moment in time and …

… that’s why, when I graduated at a very young age with a Masters’ Degree from NYU 

  • I have a Masters Degree but not a high school diploma lol because I was skipped several grades and then got a scholarship to NYU before I finished high school – that’s why I refer to myself as a ‘runaway with scholarship’

and found out there was a lack of opportunity for delicious roles, I decided to start my own sustainable blue-green-space-studio to make sustainable movies, albums and books – TinyMultiMedia™️  exploring themes that deal with social justice, women’s and girls’ rights, lgbtq rights, interracial and multicultural rights — and equally urgent : climate / environmental / wildlife, sealife issues  … 

… the first sustainable movie and album we released “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated”  was made with an all female mixed orientation film crew and the album was made with a mixed gender mixed orientation music team … 

the project is an Oscars 2020 official contender  … and we’re really proud of it … now working on the next one!  “ cali lili 

Who are your acting inspirations?

SO MANY !!!!!!

 From so many eras … I’m a cinema – lover and I love every era … 

Here’s a few but I know I’m missing some … there’s so many!!!! 

Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Beals, Halle Berry, Whitney Houston, Viola Davis, Marion Cotillard, Sidney Poitier, Amy Adams, Marlon Brando, Eva Marie Saint, Gregory Peck, Viola Davis, George Clooney, Denzel Washington , Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Gosling, Jean Arthur, Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda,  Rosalind Russel, Mahalia Jackson, Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper , James Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Marilyn Monroe , Henry Fonda , Cary Grant,  Robert Redford , Paul Newman,  Claude Rains, And – sincerely, not just because he’s my partner, Wings Hauser.

What is your favorite thing about acting?

Freedom to PLAY and HAVE

 FUN ! 

What was your first acting job?

A student film version of a one-woman Eugene O’Neill play. 

What is your favorite project you have ever done?

“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated “ !

We hope your readers will not only see the movie and hear the album –  but also add even more positive reviews and ratings to the ones we’ve already got !  

That’ll really help the next project! 

We really did make this movie and album to reach out to people and as an all female crew that was dealing with LGBTQ issues and interracial love story climate change and social justice issues we did experience some trolls online so the ratings / reviews and shares from supportive readers will – really mean a lot to us! Especially as we move into the next projects ! 

Official Website and HERstory of all female crewed Oscars 2020 Contender 


eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™ 

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What are some qualities you look for in a project?

Freedom to play with some scope of emotion and physicality, to explore something I’ve never thought about or learned about before. Freedom to express something that resonates within me, that I feel capable of translating and shaping into a performance that’s meaningful or fun and entertaining. I want to know that I can deliver for the director / crew / team / audience with my whole heart and skill set. So I look for space to play and an avenue to deliver for the project as a whole. 

Which character that you have played so far has been the most similar to you?

I haven’t played all that many characters but a bit of “me” is in them all … but I’d have to say that “eVe” in “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated” is definitely closest, so far …

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Water. Rhythm. Love. 

What are your social media handles?

Official Website 

and for the HERstory of our all female, diversely  crewed 

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eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™ 

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2019 In Depth Interview On Medium

2017 In Depth Interview with “We Are Moving Stories”



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What are three qualities every actor should have?

Whoa, I would not presume to say … I think we all have our own path …

Do you have any advice for an aspiring actor?

Breathe … try to understand why you are doing what you do … 

What’s next for you?

I’m already working on the next music video – as well as my next feature length movie and album ! 

We won’t be releasing details about those for a while, but my crew and I are SO PUMPED!

I’m ALSO super excited for the upcoming release of a new single, which is a revisited version of one of the songs on my debut album / soundtrack “ this female is not yet rated.” 

I was hired by award winning producers to sing the title track on camera – for their documentary –  a VERY cool documentary they are making about my partner, Wings Hauser. It’s called “Wings Hauser Working Class Actor “ 

We shot the recording session at the legendary “Nightbird Studios” at the Sunset Marquis – in Hollywood. That studio is AWESOME and has got such an amazing Rock N’ Roll history that I could literally feel it in my body – so many people have recorded there (Rhianna, Aretha, Dylan, Lennon, Blondie !!!!! So many more )

It was a MAGICAL recording session –  complete with unexpected lightning and thunder storm outside  ! 

I can’t wait to share that song !!!!! 


Who is a director you would love to work with?

SO MANY !!!!!!!

George Clooney , Jodie Foster , Jonah Hill , Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Angelina Jolie, Jordan Peele, Barry Jenkins,  Dylan Kidd , Don Cheadle, Spike Jonze,  Damien Chazelle,  Jason Segel , Barbara Streisand, Sofia Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow, John Singleton, Ava Duvernay,  Casey Affleck , David Fincher , Craig Gillespie , Lee Daniels, Robert Townsend,

 Adam McKay, Jon Favreau, Doug Limon, John Madden,

And there are many more – !!!!!!

What is something you can’t live without?


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Unkindness of any kind. 

Do you have any hidden talents?

Lol, good question, I’ll go look for some and get back to you – … 

Do you play any instruments?

My voice is my primary musical  instrument, along with my body in rhythm as far as performance … and I am a pretty good percussionist, I love all kinds of intercultural percussion instruments … 

What is your favorite pastime?

Hmm… I don’t really get the concept of “pastime” – I do love being in the ocean, surfing, body surfing, body-boarding and yet I just always love what I’m doing and I have a busy schedule – I just really love what I do 

Do you have any pets?

My Kitty. We rescued him and he’s just awesome. He is like my 1st AD or my show runner – he runs my schedule and – I’m HIS “comfort animal.”