Saint In The #CityOfAngels ™Gather Up Your Smiles© #ImmigrantsMakeAmericaGreat #CivilRights #Dreamers #BuenosDias 

I dedicate the song to Videl,

and to his community, our sisters and brothers.

I’m releasing it with the other “singles” ahead of the album, as a shoutout / love letter to “The Dreamers” here and every-where.

To the Dreamer in your own soul.

In Memory of Videl Diaz Mariscal,

A “Saint” i met in the “City of Angels”

… gone too soon at a local hospital

where I sang him this song …

he responded with a smile and the heart monitor showed us that he could hear it…

Videl grew gardens for an apartment complex in the “city of the angels”

He planted a white Lily on his last Christmas here.

Videl was ALWAYS smiling

his eyes smiled even when his mouth looked serious …

his energy … glowed

Besides the gardening,

he also cleaned the bathrooms + swept the grounds there too,


Videl was my friend.

When he told me they had put him on some Meds, + sheepishly showed me the bottle … I am not a doctor, but I perceived instantly that this was not a good sign … personally I try to maintain health with food and healthy habits. Of course Videl was old enough to be my grandpa or even great grandpa, but … still, I could do nothing to interfere with his doctors’ prescription … and frankly, I doubt he had health insurance, so I was clueless about what was going on … OH, and he barely spoke English, so … we communicated mostly non-verbally ….

I still wish I could have saved his life some-how.

It took a LONG time for me to manage my grief at his passing. That grief hit me like a ton of bricks, out of nowhere. Honestly, I didn’t even know Videl all that well … but he is deeply in my heart and I still grieve for him bc I feel our healthcare system, and his employers, failed him. To an extent, I feel that I failed him too.

Videl’s community has touched me in so many ways since I moved to L.A. from NYC…

This song is also a “love letter” to the as yet unnamed parking attendant at the local emergency room I had to be rushed to, when I dislocated my shoulder after a recording session.

The gentleman working as a parking attendant at that local hospital, was the only kind person i met at both of the hospitals.

Doctors, nurses, receptionists, left me to languish screaming in agony from that dislocated shoulder …

but that parking attendant … working for less than minimum wage I assume … he was the only one that cared … the only one with sincere empathy that night … + he kept saying to me “ mama good, mama strong …” that man too, is a “Saint’ in this City Of Angels.


this song is a love letter to the Mexican-American young girl I met outside the Cat Hospital, moments after my beloved "CallieCat” was put to sleep by that cold system inside.

The Girl, called herself “A Stranger,” walked up to me at midnight outside that Cat Hospital and showed me the kind of compassion that Veterinary Doctor could not

As my kittycat, CallieCat was writhing in pain at the VCA, I felt my heart rip, straight out of my chest …

and then outside on that cold, dark, empty night, “The Stranger” walked up to me, with a look on her face that can only be described as “Holy” …

and with that look, the “Saint in the City of Angels” ™© look,

she hugged me

and said :

“ Im here to tell you, your cat is in the better place"

In anguish, I managed to say, “who are you"?

And she said, ….” just… a stranger” …

she was just as confused as I was … as though somehow she didn’t even know why she was speaking to me … as though it was her “calling” …

and then, with a question mark, she walked away, into that night, and my heart, forever.

These songs, this album, this movie, are my “calling” …

And so … this is the “hugg” that I come out into “This Night,” the “Darkness,”

To share with you :

Hello Strangers

Who Work With Us

To Build a Better World.

Let’s tend this Garden Together

in All the Cities of the Angels,

During the “Seasons Of Light ” 2017

+ forever,

Let US Be “The Light” …

To “The Strangers,”

You and I are, “ strangers no more.”


This song is An Ironic Gypsy Smile

"Immigracion Con La Los Anjeles”

Glad to be here

Paying Dearly for the Privilege

Immigrants fulfilling the promise

Lady Liberty

Masking and Unmasking Daily Pains

Burning Candles


and Hope

A Love Song To the Immigrants of Los Angeles

The immigrants of America and Everywhere on this

Blue Planet.


Like me,

And like you too.

As the song says … “Dream On Dreamers … ” ©

Cali Lili Indies™
Motion ™
Signature Trademark
MultiMedialyricsSaint In the City of Angels™
Pico ;
Gather Up Your Smiles
©Cali Lili ™

LA …


i’m walkin’ down pico
on the way to see a friend
maybe you


it’s a lovely day
in lovely L.A
Look at this sky look at that blue

i’m just so grateful i can get a smile out of you
la la la …


Part 1 :

buenos dias
tho i don’t speak your language i get by on a word or two im so glad to get that smile

mucho caliente gracias de nada too

Part 2 :

buenos dias
only people here take the time to smell the roses they just grew

think i’ll tag along awhile

mucho caliente gracias de nada too …


gather up your smiles i’m gonna smile right back at you

though i don’t know what my own world is coming to


i had a family once upon a time like you

but my momma died of a broken dream boo hoo

and me i am afraid of dyin’ that way too

Saint In the City of Angels ….

la la la la …

CHORUS (First Half)


my daddy lost it in the tax cut 2002 runs in the family all this broken dreamin’ boo hoo

and me i am afraid that i am losin it too
Saint In the City of Angels … la la la la … la…

CHORUS (Second Half)


they tell me my birthright is my pride against you they tell me it’s your fault the jobs they are few


the schools and the hospitals

they’re all slippin’ too

i don’t see the logic

i know it ain’t true

i can see the kindness

you love your children too – don’t you …


gather up your smiles

im gonna smile right back at you

i’m so glad to get that smile

hey mi familia too

Saint In the City of Angels ….la la la la la … la …


then LA LA LA LA ….

Dream On Dreamers …

La La La La …

Saint In the City of …

La La La La …

Cali Lili Indies™
Motion ™
Signature Trademark

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Vocals by Cali Lili

Lyrics by Cali Lili

Music by Cali Lili + Wings Hauser

Arranged + Produced by Cali Lili

Engineer, Added Beats / Added Instruments by Reid Rice

Guitars by Edi Roque

Guitars by Paul Tokarz (of Headless Robot)

Drums, Percussion by Kristen Gleeson Prata (of BORNS band)

Banjo, Mandolin by Mark Cassidy (of Hillbenders Band)

Keys by Sean Nelson

Bass by Steve Shustertagstags: christmas city of angels dreamers lgbtq obama si rockurbanworld blues rock feliz navidad girl power immigrationimmigration reform latina new christmas music singer-songwriter Los Angeles

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