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#CaliLili #CaliLiliIndies™ #Trailblazer Since2012 #Innovator #Cinema + #Music #AllFemaleCrew #sustainability
#SustainableFilmSets™ #ClimateEmergency #Oceans
#LGBTQ   #LesbianVisibility #TheLWord #BLM #girlpower #InterracialLove #QPOC

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

INTERVIEW: PART ONE – Cali Lili Indies™ talks about the amazing and mysterious teaser for her new film eVe N’ god™ this FEMALE is Not Yet RATED™

Actress/Filmmaker Cali Lili Indies™ talks with TV Store Online about the teaser trailer for the release of her upcoming film, eVe N’ god™ this FEMALE is Not Yet RATED™
In late 2013, actress/filmmaker Cali Lili Indies™put the a teaser trailer for her upcoming film eVe N’ god™ this FEMALE is Not Yet RATED™.   The trailer offers it’s viewer a very powerful and visceral female image.  TV Store Online decided to ask Indies all about it.

Actress/Filmmaker Cali Lili Indies™

TV STORE ONLINE: Hey Cali…Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with me. I took a look at the teaser trailer for your new film and I’m totally intrigued…

Cali Lili™: I love that you said you were intrigued by it. I’ve received feedback with that EXACT word from quite a few people online…and I love it.

TV STORE ONLINE: When I watch the trailer….The first thing I notice about you and also about your official website is that you seem to be trying to literally make art out of everything…It’s a wonderful notion and certainly not something that everyone is trying to accomplish either….
Cali Lili™: That’s very perceptive of you! But I don’t “try”… it just happens…Art does me. I don’t yet have an official website … I am “floating” on social networks currently … and it’s fun for now … but our official site is under construction ….

TV STORE ONLINE: One of the most interesting facets of this, is that you seem to be creating a totally different way of using basic language and in writing it too on your website…Are there any rules when it comes to making art?

Cali Lili™: Rules in art? Hmmm…”Do no harm to innocent living beings” is pretty much the only “No” rule I can think of in life or art. I don’t really believe there are any credible rule(S) about art. In Bali they have no word for “art”. Everything is intended to be beautiful, and to be art.

TV STORE ONLINE: Your teaser has such a strong and powerful female image in play…Where do you think that strength comes from in that image in your teaser trailer?

Cali Lili™: Thanks. The action in the teaser is me “ripping” off the  Iconic NoHate/NoH8 tape. It’s a physical act… A moment. I hope that comes across in … That feeling you get, when you see that girl’s eyes onscreen (my eyes). “She” is feeling it for women all over the world, for LGBTQ communities, and for anybody who is disenfranchised or abused, also for the animals … for dolphins, any abused or unwanted creatures, creations. In creating that image…I was expressing the feeling that my own voice was becoming painful to squelch, and, I began to literally feel that many voices of women in the world were also feeling squelched.

TV STORE ONLINE: There’s something else that releases from the image in your teaser….There’s the power of the image itself, but it also seems to have a very dreamlike aesthetic to it as well. When I was reading through your website, I notice a phrase at work “Dream about a dream about a dream..” Is cinema a dream to you and why? And, who is the dreamer in your upcoming film?

Cali Lili™: Yeah, there’s even a line in the film about that. It’s very much part of the style of the film. However, I do dislike “dreamy for dreamy sake” aesthetics. If I don’t “buy it” or “believe it” in a film, or on a set, I’m out. I think we’re all dreaming though. I do feel we are all “Connoissieurs of Media”. We’re all dreaming together in a collective unconscious manner. Everyone is online via social media, mainlining conversations, and when we watch movies together or listen to music together, we all dream together. We have the power to create a reality beyond the mortgage or the nightly news. I feel we all have the responsibility to dream beyond the everyday chores of life.

From the teaser trailer  ‘eVe N’ god™ this FEMALE is Not Yet RATED™’

TV STORE ONLINE: What are some of the films that have influenced you and why?

Cali Lili™: I love so many films. In no particular order…HIS GIRL FRIDAY (1940) … Howard Hawks,  because of how the actors, the dialogue …. how the muscularity of it all operates. It’s a perfect dance. It’s brilliantly written, and also offers a potent social commentary. That’s what I aspire to …   There’s also a great tension between the male and female roles, and that’s something I write about a lot .. It’s a theme, a conscience and consciousness,  in all of my work … Another film I admire is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (2009), which was directed by Spike Jonze. Seeing that really changed my life. We can be out there all alone, afraid, and with monsters around us. If we can survive, we can thrive. THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR (1975): I love the mystery. It tells us to question everything. Then it has this amazing style. I love the look of that era in film. All of the actors look really great, and the directors of the ’70s wanted them to look great and iconic. Directors weren’t trying to upstage actors either. There’s some weird voodoo shit going on in all of that. Sydney Pollack is a fucking genius…. so is Spike Jonze … so was Howard Hawks.

I’d add THE CONTENDER (2000) here = Rod Lurie …. Strong female character – Gutsy role – perfectly played by Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges and Gary Oldman in that film? I’ll never remember anybody EATING in a scene more than Gary Oldman eating that steak …. And … I’d add .. MERYL STREEP In ANY FUCKING THING …Watching her think without any sound would be Oscar Worthy. Same with Dustin Hoffman, there are so many genius actors that I wish I could work with as an actress and direct in something someday   People say it’s a directors’ medium… but … I say :  “we the actor” are the inevitable paint, canvas, subject …all to illustrate the human spirit ….that’s what is most culturally significant about the film medium … celebrating the human spirit and the magic that cannot be defined but must be experienced.

TV STORE ONLINE:  I know you’ve just released a teaser on line for your new film, but could you tell us at least who’s going to be in the film?

Cali Lili™:   I am so proud to say I got Wings Hauser to be in this film – and I can assure you he did NOT do this as a favor ! Ha!  Yes he is my partner, but NO he doesn’t do film favors … It was a really life-changing experience to hear him say that of all the directors and actors/actresses he’s worked with in his career, I was in his top five  – and I can’t wait to show off his KICKASS PERFORMANCE in this new film, for which, I take full credit …laughing

Interview Conducted by: Justin Bozung
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The Teaser Trailer for eVe N’ god™ this FEMALE is Not Yet RATED™