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VENICE BEACH, California     – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   – December 2019  Updated January 2020  

First-time director Cali Lili’s female-crewed, climate-emergency, interracial, love-is-love-story and self-described Womanifest0™ entitled  “eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™” which opened Feb 1, 2019 at L.A’s Downtown Independent Cinema, aptly ran between last years’ “The Favourite” and “David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive”  is now running her dark-horse “For Your Consideration” campaign, seeking noms in the “Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Original Screenplay, Original Song” categories in spite of the woman-owned, independent, sustainable studio’s micro-budget.

Funded in part, with baby-sitting, lemonade stand, yoga-instructor and acting gig earnings then existentially threatened with losing both home and studio, due to gentrification and discriminatory push-back, the project officially announced it’s all female LGBTQ inclusive Production Crew in 2012 and shot mostly “on the water” in LA’s gentrification-torn Venice Beach hood.

Iconic Indie Spirits Award nominee, actor/musician Wings Hauser plays the lead male role, Doctor Godard / aka god, co-starring Cali Lili as eVe, and with appearances by Candace Burney as Lila and Isriya McFillin as “The Global Girl.”   Certified on IMDB as Triple F-rated, meaning that it was written, directed and produced by a woman, making it one of the first (if not the first) narrative motion pictures made primarily by women, the film is described as an allegorical, avant-garde fantasy feminist fairytale.

Log-Line  :   “ One  day in the epiphany of a 21st century girl, who kissed a girl ™ “

Synopsis :   “A lost and found, edenic virginity fantasy bordering on polyamory, a bittersweet climate-change romance in the key of Rock N’ Soul and an immersive, sea-life sci-fi dream as the Global Girl awakens to the Legacy of Herself.”

Part  “cinematic response”  to #MeToo experiences, the project later evolved with urgent intent to raise awareness about   inter-related social and environmental justice themes interwoven with a story based on true-life events, for a feature narrative drama, seeking to artfully break cinematic rules, for a cause.  Story is based on true-life events including a semi-autobiographical coming out story, dedicated on-screen to victims of violence against Women, LGBTQ persons, African American Communities, Indigenous communities and the Environment, especially Sea-Life. 

Ocean-conservancy footage includes a local octopus named “Octavia” and other sea-life, appearing unprompted for the lens during principal photography. Costumes and sets were manufactured from at least 90% up-cycled materials including fruits, vegetables and flowers supplied by farmers at local farmers markets to help create the “garden of eVe.”

Dialogue centers on a surfer-girl studying for her PHD in science, but who must work as a stripper to pay tuition and evolves into a debate over the love-hate triangle between eVe as every-woman, Doctor Godard as white male authority figure, and Lillith aka Lila, as eVe’s black lesbian lover and spiritual twin. The Global Girl is portrayed as greek chorus in this modern-day retelling of ancient secrets. 

Description of the film as “breaking sound barriers,”  references the lead female speaking over 51% of the film, “attempting to shatter narrative structures along with glass ceilings in a poetic, fluid, dream-like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style where music and sound play significant roles.” 

Screenplay was conceived with original songs built directly into the body of the text described as “born organically from a graphic novel, equal parts cinematic innovation, avant-garde love song, declaration of independence, and political protest on behalf of all vulnerable lives in the balance.”

Songs are described as  “sexy-smart protest-love-songs, thick with lyrics and percussion, recorded on the floating movie set, with a diverse, inclusive group of professional live musicians, minimal synth.”  Singer-Songwriter style ranges from Feminist Rap / Soul Hip Hop to Anthemic guitar heavy Psychedelic Folk-Rock, to Femme-Punk and World-Beat Grooves. The 13 song soundtrack encourages audiences to know songs before seeing the movie, or get to know them afterwards, “seeking to bridge cultures and harkening back to broadway musical culture, when the audience bought the libretto.”

Movie out now on Apple, YouTube, Google Play and #WorldWide on #Vimeo

soundtrack available everywhere music plays



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    Movie and Soundtrack / Album out now on Apple, YouTube,  Amazon-Prime, Amazon, Google Play etc

2019 Interview          https://medium.com/@mondofilm/interview-with-cali-lili-from-eve-n-god-this-female-is-not-yet-rated-6d50611b758e

2017 Interview   http://www.wearemovingstories.com/we-are-moving-stories-films/2017/6/21/eve-n-god-this-female-is-not-yet-rated?rq=eve%20n%20god%20this%20female%20is%20not%20yet%20rated



         “VERY different from the sort of thing that I typically deal with. Much more discursive –  ( Intent for the project comes through very strongly – that this is about trying to break preconceptions and make things better  )

but not everything has to fit the Hollywood template, and in place of action you’ve got atmosphere, a contemplative sense of place and smartly executed intellectual pyrotechnics instead….

 – it’s a pleasure …. but pleasures are guilty things!” 




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