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Holiday Wish : May 2020 #HealTheWorld

Thanks SO MUCH for the love ! THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!

As we take our baby steps forward … – just as we were relaxing for the holidays – we were alerted to trolls posting lies and fake reviews about the project where-ever they can 🙄 – most recently on Amazon – and then “following” our account posing as Jeff Bezos 🙄 …

Since we found out that we are on the List of Eligible Contenders for an #Oscars2020 nomination – yay – GRANTED – we KNOW we are a LONG shot for a nom – it’s a first film for us, and we are so tiny – running with the big productions – many good films from studios etc …

However …. – even as a ” #DarkHorse candidate – it’s a wonderful opportunity for the project and all involved, for the work to get seen … I’m no egomaniac – but – this is a good film and I’m proud of it — and of the team …

RIGHT NOW : is SUCH a crucial time – where these trolls can really affect us – we’ve had GREAT reviews so far – which is why they went into action … –

it’s a crucial time for the film to be viewed fairly by the Academy Voters – especially during the #Holidays – Voting begins January 2 and ends January 7th … so – added “trolling” is obviously a conscious attempt to harm us ( and me ) – it’d be awesome if anyone reading this might help us in reporting the abusive comments and the accounts targeting us.

– and – if you like stuff about the movie + soundtrack – it would go such a long way toward countering these online evils, with positive reviews – that would help us and – this project – a ton ~ we made it to spread JOY and LOVE – so we wish for it to multiply … even in the face of negativity …

The project champions feminist, lgbtq, black lives matter and climate change causes, and I am personally outspoken – so it’s to be expected – however, it is not deserved and a better online community will result from us all pushing back against such obvious attempts to harm the project.

The film also attempts to “shatter” not only #glassceilings but also “Sound Barriers” on a variety of levels – by “breaking” some “cinematic rules” – so it’s not a “typical” movie – because – I didn’t set out to make anything “typical.”

Since day one – in 2011 when I began posting Job Openings requesting that we were especially hoping to receive #Resumes from #Women , persons in the #LGBTQ + #AfricanAmerican community – with the intent of a #Diversity based #FemaleCrew
for a project that deals with these issues as well as #MeToo and #ClimateEmergency way back in 2011 – we experienced shocking pushback – JUST from the Adverts alone ! Just – for a diversity based – job opening ! – from those who don’t like to see the world healing from racism, sexism, homophobia and climate denial. Unfortunately, in the entertainment industry – some of these things come from competitors or personal disgruntlement. Sigh. 🙄

We would SO appreciate it – if everybody helps us push back at these creeps, by clicking “report abuse” and even reporting the accounts posting these obviously sometimes personally motivated, often politically motivated, homophobic, misogynist and racist lies / abuses.

Thank you Again for your Love because THAT’s WHAT MATTERS !

Happy Holidaze and EVERY DAY for you and your families !

May 2020 #HealTheWorld

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