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Cali Lili ” thriving is survival of the fairest not survival of the fittest ” Social Media and ‘ The GentrificationOfCulture™ ‘ ©

“Social Media etiquette and ethics

are a mirror.

A direct reflection of ‘real world’ ethics + etiquette.

When people follow each other on social media, it’s an exchange of sorts. It also reflects ‘real world values ‘ so to speak.

When an account follows people then drops them to stay ahead – it erodes trust and shuts down communication .

In 2012 My team and I began posting projects online regarding what I saw as interrelated concerns – none of which could be parsed away from any others :

women’s empowerment

racial, lgbtq, gender social justice

and wildlife, sea-life care along with climate action.

I wanted “Urgent Care” Emergency Rooms for social + environmental justice.

I was warned by online educators in the same way my ‘real life’ teachers had warned me – beware of the jealous ones who steal your ideas and don’t acknowledge.

This has been a conundrum of social media, not to mention the fact that all dictators throughout history have been jealous plagiarists with malignant narcissism – a trait shared by many successful people, CEO’s, billionaire so-called ‘artists’ alike. That ‘go-getter’ thing we are taught by culture to revere, while not necessarily harmful, can, as we’ve suffered through the past 4 years of a reality show nightmare, become a rampage threatening to decimate every ounce of humanity.

After all, why do we want success if not to celebrate our humanity?

Without humanity, what is the point of our success?

I’m operating on a different definition of success because I can’t justify the behaviors I’ve witnessed since I was a kid.

As a self described ‘runaway with a scholarship’ I witnessed the push + grab style of climbing and kicking ones way up some imaginary ladder and just couldn’t connect with that shit.

That’s how the old “survival of the fittest” world worked.

Lucky for me while literally surviving a cruel abusive childhood home, something in the universe blessed me with the best teachers who saw me, sparked to my passion and dedication for art and learning – and who rewarded merit.

As I had no parents to care for my well being, my teachers warned me about the professional world where merit often goes unacknowledged.

Upon graduating into the ‘professional world’ I realized their warnings were warranted but I’ve tried to understand why things got that way out here in ‘the real world’ including the ‘real virtual marketplace’ gentrified by the same grabby big money grabbers who grab up the other ‘real estate’ that’s referred to and promoted by big money media.

They are the same grabbers. Some are loud and most are quiet about the grabbing.

I’m working for a better future .

The one my protagonist ‘eVe’ describes in my Oscars 2020 Contender ‘eVe N’god this female is not yet rated™’©

A future that’s more like – the ‘thriving of the fairest ‘ ™© than the ‘survival of the fittest’ modeled and amplified by reality show nightmares that morph from “survivor” on tv to survivors of a covid ward or a forced separation from family at the border to an eviction to …

Know what I’m saying?

Because to me – that’s not just survival …that’s thriving … that’s a goal that moves the planet forward … not just basic reflexes.

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Cali Lili aka Cali Lili Hauser “Making HERstory” Oscars 2020 Contender ‘eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™’© “Healing through cell walls, explores Love Beyond the Age of Catastrophe “©

Cali Lili aka Cali Lili Hauser
“Making HERstory” Oscars 2020 Contender ‘eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™’© “Healing through cell walls, explores Love Beyond the Age of Catastrophe “©
Cali Lili "Making HERstory" Oscars 2020 Contender 'eVe N'god this female is not yet rated ™'©  "Healing through cell walls,  explores Love Beyond the Age of Catastrophe "©


” CaliLili ‘s


Oscars2020 Contender

Was ahead of her time –

Released shortly before the covid-19 pandemic tragedy

Costarring #movieicon #icon #WingsHauser

this #AllFemalCrew production is set in a #futuristic “Eden” that’s an #organic lockdown style film set with flowers + fruits virtually, metaphorically growing from the floors and walls …

two of the protagonists are never in the same room … communicating via Zoom…

Based in the notion that “cells” have “walls that talk” whether they be #biology cells, quarantine walls, incarceration, or cellphones –

Biologically and metaphorically – Cali’s thesis began with the fact that the “cell wall” functions simultaneously as both – protective “barrier” and ALSO as a medium for transmission, exchange, communication. That’s why Cali believes many cures can be found through communication beyond walls. Both physical + cultural ailments can be addressed at the points of contact in-between, the bridges, the cross-overs accomplished through the magic curative power of love.

Among several social justice + climate justice themes – the project is Cali Lili ‘s innovative exploration of love, acceptance, hope + healings through communication – beyond boundaries – beyond all sorts of cell walls. ” ©









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“eVe N’ god

this female is not yet rated™”

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Dear Ladies + Gentlemen,

We are SO PROUD to share

The HERstory of

Our #Oscars2020 Contender:

In 2012 I set out to make a sustainable, green, upcycled, lgbtqia , interracial love story – an – all- female-crew motion picture —

with — an original, eclectic soundtrack

much of it to be shot + recorded on a floating film set

and surrounding Venice Beach “hood” near my “AquaCultureZ™ WaterGarden™ feMt0™studi0”

Upon graduating early with a Master’s Degree from NYU, then entering the life of a “working actress” I learned most roles offered to girls + women (except a lucky few) were too often broadcasting degrading messages about us.

I tried to “adjust” a couple of the early roles – to balance ‘ the power in the frame.’ Despite the content of any given dialogue or role, I worked to imbue the character with strength.

I was beginning to get offered somewhat lucrative roles, I was more than willing to work hard – “work my way up.” The problem with that plan – is summarized by the “MeToo” movement, which is not just about inappropriate sexual innuendo, but psychological abuse leading to agony, resulting in self-doubt.

It’s also an Economics problem, with roadblocks held in place by threads of racism, sexism , homophobia , climate-ignorance in a gate-keeping culture – when all I wanted was to excel in the profession to which I’d dedicated myself whole-heartedly.

I’d been warned about this environment by older actors ( not actresses ) but assumed times had changed so I walked blindly into an environment reminiscent of a bygone era that had never updated it’s own “operating system.”

There I was with all this 21st Century software but there was nothing to run it.

How does a professional, work their way up such a slippery ladder? Perhaps economic inequality is sourced in such pathologies?

Until #MeToo became a hashtag – I’ll venture to guess that most women suffered under the weight of judgement by their families, friends and self-criticism about why they hadn’t progressed further despite their talent and drive. The worst part, is not being supported by “sisters” of a sorority I feel could be so comforting – and even worse, navigating a hyper-competitive “pigeons-for-scraps” culture based in scarcity where ideas and intellectual property can be so easily appropriated by those with power, harvested from those without.

I’ll venture to guess we all felt as though it was just happening to us alone. Similar to the “Occupancy Wall Street” awareness – when people realized that getting their degrees and working hard was not enough in an economy rigged for the 1 percent.

Even if I’d been willing to be willing on whatever levels of “consent” – I’d just come from surviving an abusive childhood – literally “rescued” by my passion for acting , dance, arts , learning – and my teachers who saw the talent, had invested their care in that little girl rushing through the streets of Manhattan – from dance class to acting class to anthropology and science classrooms.

They’d invested their own passion for education – in that little girl – me.

I couldn’t let them down and I couldn’t let down other little girls who might someday see a movie that I was in – and when she sees me in that movie, she sees herself and when she sees herself, I want her to feel strong, not helpless. I want “her” to feel proud of “HERstory.”

After turning down three lucrative roles in a row, especially after bumping into one of the producers I’d turned down at a social event – noticing his “WHO are YOU to turn ME down glare ” –

I sucked it up – GLARED BACK with a smile –

and THAT was the moment I learned :

WHO I AM ? Is a girl who won’t get bullied – ever again.

Who I am – is a girl choosing integrity over expediency – no matter how ambitious I may be.

And I’m ambitious.

In that moment – I realized – the only way to hopefully “work my way up” – without dipping way down into the “MeToo” swamp I found myself wading through – was to make my own film and album – with an all female crew – so that I could speak to “the little girl in everyone”© – and – simply do what I do best : “pictures words music in motion ™” ©

I also understood that it wasn’t “men” – it wasn’t “directors” or “producers” — it was the Culture at large. Certainly I’d run into plenty of women who had internalized misogyny to enact upon sisters and there was plenty of it in every profession. I had to find a way to work in my chosen profession, to which I had already dedicated – so I chose – to literally “be the change I wished to see” as the saying goes.

Having studied anthropology along with intercultural, interdisciplinary performance modalities – I felt uniquely equipped to grapple with these new insights – even though, they’d prove beyond challenging to implement. I’d be needing some miracles and tons of hard work integrating the education + early work experience I’d earned – with the realities of making a movie and album. A tall order.

I had saved up babysitting, lemonade stand, acting gigs and yoga teacher earnings and these were “startup funds” which I partly used to create our first music video “ElectionTrain” made in urgent support for Obama. Then we began pre-pre-production on the feature motion picture :

“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™©



“Pictures Words Music In Motion™”

I didn’t want to make a film or album that I’d already seen before.

I was aware that most noted ‘counter-culture’ revolutions in media had previously involved an examination but also ultimate glorification of violence + what is sometimes described as ‘toxic masculinity.’

The film prologue introduces my storytelling concepts which I’ve been referring to, as : “orgasmic” instead of “phallic.” I’m positing that my liquid, fluid, music-based, “orgasmic” storytelling journey to tell the “love-is-love-triangle-story” of eVe, Lila + Doctor Goddard – can exist in harmony with the more normative “phallic” cinematic storytelling styles most cultures expect in a narrative movie. While other directors have experimented with dabbling in it – I feel my movie, while working within the constraints of a modest budget, fully explores this type of storytelling, not with outer special effects, but with inner ones.

The movie draws us “under” and “into” the deep end of the pool, the pond, the ocean as if vacillating between conscious + unconscious time-space dimensions but always flowing like water (orgasmic) instead of rocketing into space (phallic) as “eVe” describes from “inside the closet.”

While I’m proud to say my film was made “like a girl” as that popular hashtag proudly proclaims – I’m almost tempted to ask the audience to consider my innovative storytelling “as if” this were directed by one of several guy filmmakers who’ve experimented this way, but with larger budgets but perhaps a bit less insight about the female nature of this “orgasmic” storytelling style which, in my work, seeks to flow poetic, liquid, music.

It is, in fact, I guarantee you, a different type of “orgasm.”

As my movie does include a theme + dedication to victims of violence against the LGBTQ community, women, black individuals + communities, indigenous individuals + communities … and … AND : our oceans, our mother Earth, wildlife – especially Sea-Life (most feminine) – I did portray an act of violence, but I was cognizant of telling the story of the movie in a manner I described onscreen as ‘orgasmic’ existing alongside most storytelling which is often “phallic.”

I posit that both ‘orgasmic’ + ‘phallic’ storytelling can ( and must ) exist inter-dependently in our Arts + Culture.

I found myself having to not only “shatter glass ceilings” + “break sound-barriers” – but I also had to “break” some storytelling / cinematic / music ‘ rules ‘ –
in order to tell my ‘love-triangle’ ‘love-is-love – story’ : AUTHENTICALLY.

This wasn’t going to be structured like other movies – this “herstory” needed something from me + “she” is composed of the twin-Tao-yin-yang characters : “eVe” + “Lila.” “She” wrote herself, directed herself.

SO – my “Declaration of IndiePenDance™ re – EVOL ution ™ femt0™studi0 ” has evolved, organically – out of necessity – into a counter-culture womanifest0™ ” ©

An all female, openly LGBTQIA crew in 2013 was VERY NEW (still rare) – if we were not ‘the first’ – we are definitely among the very first –

Eyes widened whenever I floated the idea. Also pushback – pushed back — on a variety of levels.Sigh.

Some men “mansplained” – my idea was discriminatory. Others proudly displayed their self-hatred through open sexism, racism, homophobia, climate-denying biases, which was – briefly surprising but eventually – worthless, because hate, though ‘loud’ – is such a drab, useless – one way ticket.

Recently, I became aware of a “mini-genre” to which my “eVe” belongs – and by that I mean – movies which explore the internalized concepts of various religious “eves” – in the context of secular, colloquial (not biblical) culture.

As my Master’s degree incorporated both Anthropology+ Performance Arts – I tend to “study” culture – even while I’m creating it.

I’ve noticed + personally experienced – the regulations + limitations placed on HER-stories – the ” ‘slut-shaming” of “eVe” ‘ – which has : palpable, real-life consequence for most women, girls, feminine males + wildlife (especially Sea-Life , most feminine) — with it’s victims buried deep in the roots of most cultures.

Shaming-eVe :

When looking “in the closet” of any given Culture – if we venture to explore past the climate-denial, past homophobia and racism – we’ll find misogyny – hiding – way – WAY … at the back of that closet – where most of us, even women, are unaware of the insidious odor seeping deep :

” into the fabric – it’s in the stitches”© as my protagonist eVe™ discovers.

Misogynysuspicion hatred of all things femme, wild , uncontrollable, the soft-strength, the innocence – the vulnerability …

including Nature, feminine girls, masculine girls, feminine boys, water, fluid sexuality + gender, wildlife, Sea-Life, cetaceans … “all are snaking along … slithering in + out of the multi-verse like the proverbial snake swallowing her own tail “© … all included … on that spectrum

All that “femme” – is feared by the toxic entity which has hounded Humanity for eons – I’ll name it here : “that which believes it must control others or die.” That toxin can be present in women too.

My “eVe” spends a good bit of the movie “trapped” indoors and she wisely uses some of that time – exploring the “closet.”

eVe “speaks truth to power” when she discovers “in the closet” – that “Shame” is misogyny’s “favorite weapon – the ultimate WMD? ” ©

My team and I are SO PROUD to be considered for the 2020 nominations.

It’s beyond ego, it’s a form of healing.

Thank you.

For Your Consideration

I discussed my movie as ‘ archetypal fable’ – in a 2019 Interview – before I ever saw the other “eve” reference movies

The project was made partly in response to my own Me-Too experiences (and that of fellow female artists + craftspersons).

I believe it’s impossible to fully comprehend what it’s like to be female – or LGBTQ – in the context of cultural biases + expectations toward – “female essence ” (“in all 6 billion gender expressions”© ) – without exploring the internalized cultural influences of – the “myth” of “eve” — and as I’ve posited in the film – equally important – Eve’s twinwhom we call “Lila” representingthe myth of Lillith.”

Furthermore, in understanding the ‘female experience’ – I truly believe that men, and ‘ male-identifying ‘ persons (some of whom, are biologically ‘female’) – will greatly benefit, resulting in the betterment of our blue-planet and ‘every inter-dependent living being’ ©

Those espousing hateful views towards people – or environmental conservancy – often cite economics + productivity as excuses for exclusionary actions. In fact, hate, exclusion + climate denial are completelyun-productive for society + for the planet.

It’s pure economics if one needs that sort of excuse. Discriminatory, hateful, wasteful energy create nothing except toxins + problems .

We already have a surplus of those.

This planet needs solutions that heal our problems. More than ever I believe education + quality communication skills are the universal “solvent” whereby we can dissolve + detoxify global cultures from such maladies.

In fact, my ” feMt0™studi0 AquaCultureZ™ “© which are ” Authentic Artisanal Farm To Table Indie Movies , Music, Books ™ —

– surviving independently, indigenous + sustainable – like an endangered species ( along with all other endangered species wildlife, Sea-Life, and the working class / middle class in every economy ) – on gasps of oxygen –

Moving Forward :

I didn’t want to make a film or album that I’d already seen before.
I posit that both ‘orgasmic’ + ‘phallic’ storytelling can ( and must ) exist inter-dependently in our Arts + Culture.
I found myself having to break some storytelling / cinematic / music ‘rules ‘
in order to tell my ‘love-triangle’ ‘love-is-love – story’ : AUTHENTICALLY.
SO – my “Declaration of IndiePenDance™ re – EVOL ution ™ femt0™studi0 ” has evolved, organically – out of necessity – into a counter-culture womanifest0™ ” ©

in spite of the BigMoney$ in BigMedia$ – enacting a full on — GentrificationOfCulture™ by buying up / swallowing up – the arts, the media human culture ©

we are hand-made – on sustainable half-a- shoestring budgets – I’m hoping that the Academy considers my written request to create a new category for this budget level –

hand-made by an artist – with a crew of fellow artists + craftspersons (not a corporation) positing this idea :

” LOVE is good for the economy – we are MakinALivinNotAKillin™ “©

Which Should be a relief for some economists arguing with haters + abusers of power!

In my movie – my lead female protagonist – ‘eVe’ – posits new ideas to the male protagonist – ‘doctor Goddard / aka ‘god.’

“eVe” speaks “truth to power” when she posits her thesis about a “fempowered™ fluid female economy based on water instead of Oil ” © :

” oil – that’s energy from death – but WATER is LIFE! waterways of the world wear LINGERIE not boxers! ” ©

“eVe” continues her argument in this debate towards her PHD :

“doc, we REALLY need our goddesses back” © in order to create a “fair sex ecology, economy, a fair sex state! the STATE wants a goddess – NEEDS a goddess – ” © ( Cali Lili Indies ™ “eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™”©)

Runaway With A Scholarship ™”

Just after graduating at an impossibly early age, having been skipped several grades, earned scholarships to pay my own tuition- with a Master’s Degree but no high school diploma – i stepped out into the “real world” only to discover that the “ISMs” I had believed to be “anachronISMs” – from history books racism, sexism, homophobia , climate denial – the “male gaze” – the “white gaze ” + other “gazes” – were still alive and finding their way back , insidiously, into our world consciousness, our current histories + HERstories.

The HERstory that we are living now – became a source of great worry to me. I had survived an abusive childhood + I know abuse when I see it.

Abuse of Power exhibited all the tell-tale signatures of Domestic Abuse, Child-Abuse — AND – Environmental Abuse — on a larger scale. The ‘family’ is ‘humanity’ and as my family of origin was never a safe place to be — I had already adopted “Humanity” as the family with whom I “belong.”

As a person born of vastly varied, multi-cultural heritages – I could see early on – that “tribalism” was a way to keep walls between people. Which is why I was a “global citizen” before that became a hashtag.

Born on the water,’ I’ve always felt – my “true heritage” – is water.

The two debating characters in my movie – “eVe” and “Doctor Goddard – are never – in the same room.

They are separated by “walls” – through which they “debate” – but their ultimate “union” is a form of “healing” … a little miracle.


Large Part of the purpose for those Projectwas my dedication to Sustainability + Green Practices.

My alarm at what’s happening to our planet – especially to our waters, ocean life, wildlife – all of which endanger human life + civilization, led me to take my own tiny climate- actions very early on.

In high school – I had designed a “SurFShackLoft™feMt0™studi0™h20 to be handbuilt very frugally – from biodegradable + upcycled materials.

Miraculously, this loft was built very economically but equally important – was combining that Sustainability Ethos – with my aesthetics + methodologies developed from early background in dance+theater – to create my signature style along with SustainableFilmSets™.

SustainableFilmSets™ ArtisanalFarmToTableProductions™

Without a doubt, my feMt0studi0 is – the – Innovator/ Pioneer in SustainableFilmSets™ + “ArtisanalFarm-To-TableProductions™”© Sending out the “pearls” from my little “AquaCultureZ™ Direct to the audience from VenusBeach™ CuttingEdgeOfThePacific™

An added touch of sweetness came when i had asked my local farmers to donate lemons, avocados, kale and flowers, along with other produce – to the creation of our GardenOfeVe™ film set — and they were THRILLED to do so.

“ToyBoxTech ™ ©

As I planned for the movie, I realized that while I don’t consider myself a “designer” – my script – born from story + music (the lyrics are written into my scripts) — but also from methodology + aesthetics, had already designed both sets + costumes.

I hadn’t intended to do this. It just created itself.

We built an “indoor garden” that looked as though a proverbial metaphorical “eVe” embodied by a contemporary – “surfer-chick-student-burlesque-dancer eVe” – had left somewhere in a hurry + quickly planted her own indoor ” victory garden” – out of survival.

This wasn’t fully autobiographical but it metaphorically mirrored my childhood.

Hard as it was to convey – not wanting to sound grandiose – I just knew in the heart of that little girl who survived with the aid of her dedication toward the arts + teachers encouraging her talent – that little girl (me) – her eyes – were witnessingwhat ‘eVe’ in my movie refers to – as ‘an ancient grief’ – her precious ‘global family’ – was falling victim to ancient abuse.

A ‘silent scream’ was often all that could be mustered by that little girl witnessing domestic violence at so young an age. That ‘silent scream’ sensation was returning but this time – ‘she’ – ‘the little girl me’ – was witnessing on a larger scale. Those who know about domestic abuse, know that the witnessing is even more destructive than most people know. Her childhood home was a place she had escaped – always imagining a beautiful world of possibility out here where ‘ the world is my living room’ © ( from one of the songs on the soundtrack ). Now THAT world was experiencing the ‘domestic abuse’ too.

I’m still discovering the movie and songs even now, perhaps the Project can be described as : “A Not-So-Silent Scream ™”© A project born from worry – destined for determination and resolve to be “HandMadeToMakeADifference ™.”©

“Odd Like Me”

eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™ ”

I’m in love.

With Movies

and her sister – Music.

“Pictures Words Music in Motion ™”

In addition to a ” Coming Out ” this movie, this music is intended as a “Coming In From The Cold.” 

All through the making of this project, I found myself fighting to save my studio and home in Venice Beach from the severe gentrification and homelessness growing all around me.

It was a familiar fight – against an unjust encroachment from abuse of power. Many times I found myself staying up all night figuring out legal documents, in order to fight back against Trump-style developers – while during the day – working to keep the project going. 

A familiar struggle, reminiscent of a childhood framed with terror but propelled by hope and love. A childhood and adult-hood experienced by many less fortunate than myself. 


It can heal everything.

I learned that early in life. 

It’s odd, like me, earning a Masters’ degree (NYU) with no high-school diploma, having been skipped several grades directly into University. Odd – like me. My fellow students in the Masters’ program were already professors in other countries who had done all they could, to come to America, to study at NYU. I was a kid with no high school diploma – and they were grown-up professors. Odd, like me. I often think about them now, back in their countries and what they must think of America now.  

Having survived an abusive childhood – I was dedicated to the arts and grateful for the “shelter” I could find in my deep love / passion for the arts and my teachers, who’d encouraged my work. 

Dance was my first love – along with her twin – music. Then I discovered their sisters –  theater and cinema. Along with the support of my teachers, these ladies “saved my life.” 

Alone with my dreams, walking the pavement of NYC streets, afraid to go home on the subway until 

late at night, I learned my craft comforted by the shelter of dance classes with Broadway Pros, art house cinema screens, and haunting legacy of timeless masterpieces echoing from the halls of every Manhattan museum and library.

My teachers were angels + allies in my “dreams come true” and thanks to them, and to my love – I won scholarships, was skipped grades and offered a scholarship to NYU where I earned my Masters’ Degree at a very young age.  

One of my report cards described me as a “runaway imagination” and of course, I imagined my imagination running away and I myself became a “runaway with a scholarship.”

I caught a wave + scraped together my “half a shoestring” budget, built my tiny “green” grassroots, up-cycled, recycled, mostly “off the grid” floating film + music Tiny SurfLoft On The Water in Venice Beach, hand-picked my team + went to work !

I had saved up lemonade-stand, babysitting, yoga teacher + acting gig earnings and my hand-built studio and methodologies as a matter of following a course I had set, upon navigating my way from graduating with a Master’s Degree at an impossibly young age. There was a virtual drummer playing an indigenous soundtrack to my life and — I was listening and following the steps. The ocean was an important core for me and I had dedicated my artistry toward creating my own style of “AquaCulture.

I likened it to building a “an oyster-pearl-farm” and my projects would encourage audiences to “sip the oyster savour the pearls .”©

My projects are :

HandMade 2 Make A Difference with ToyBoxTechnology ™ ” 

Riding the subways alone at too young an age, doing all I could not to go home – I found myself “living at” all my dance classes in private studios on additional dance scholarships, then “living at” the museums and libraries of NYC – kept me busy, along with part-time babysitting and other jobs to pay for anything scholarships didn’t cover. 

So …  I just …  – never had time – to explore / learn about my own sexuality.

By the time I did learn about it – I was married to my much older male partner, and then BOOM – one day – I FELL —  in love with a girl. 

It felt CRAZY –  

But it was also – BEYOND GREAT !

The LOVE I had for dance, and the arts – had now come full circle into bloom. 

I was blooming

My amazing male partner – reflected this too. He said – you are more YOU now. 

I had a lot of figuring out to do.

First — I had to figure out – WHY – did I feel as though I was SUPPOSED to be upset?

I DID agonize about –

feel GUILTY about it —

but I HAD to ask – WHY?

That’s when it came to me – the title of one of the soundtrack songs + a work of art I released with the project :

“We Don’t Fall in Love, We Rise ™”

Little did I know how many times I would repeat that to myself + others.

We had a lot of figuring out to do. Luckily – I was and am still – married to an amazing human being. 

Well, of course – I was growing up – growing into Me

Along with this personal growth, came my awareness of what was happening in the 21st Century world at large. 

My personal anguish into ecstasy and my growing deep concerns for the future of Humanity / Mother Earth as an “Endangered Species” became so agonizing –  that my only way to deal with anxieties about what I saw happening to this planet in the 21st Century while I was literally “blooming” personally – was to speak up and speak out – doing what I do best. 

Suddenly I KNEW that there were people who were experiencing the same “awakenings” about their sexuality but who were living in repressive cultures – and I wanted to reach out to them – to hear THEIR stories – and tell them it would be ok – share my experiences with them –  when I first began visualizing this project in 2010.

Although part of my anguish about the LGBTQ community was brought on by learning about the story of Brittany Cosby and Crystal Jackson who were “killed for kissing”© as well as that of Matthew Wayne Shepard – all of whom the movie is dedicated on-screen (dedicated to several communities) … — never did I imagine, of course, that we’d be experiencing all of this today – in 2019. 

So many of my posts regarding this project were aimed at persons who lived in other ( more repressive ) cultures and dictatorships. 

And here we are, ladies and gentlemen. 

Here – we – are. 


A ” Coming Out ” and a  “Coming In From The Cold.”  

I hoped to release a “healing balm” for the “global family” –  at the intersections of LGBTQIA communities and my growing concerns for inter-related social justice crises such as – reproductive rights / women’s rights, violence against LGBTQ and female communities, Indigenous People’s and Black Lives Matter and Climate Change / endangered species. 

As intended – this movie, soundtrack and everything my feMt0™studi0 has been working on since inception in 2012 has already reached selected but passionate audiences from Los Angeles to Lagos, Uganda to Agra, Mali, to Manhattan — 

My wish after graduating – was to create an international – inter-disciplinary – multi-gender – mixed orientation team – in order to reach domestic + global audiences, without the “Over-Lords” of corporate media, stifling the creativity my teachers had encouraged in me. 

Much to my surprise – I got a bit of that wish with the limited releases of this project and my first Youtube music video “Election Train”  leading up to the movie. I had taken some time from the creation of the movie – to make the music video in order to support Obama’s re-election. 

I am REALLY WISHING that with an acknowledgement from YOU — that this project can TRAVEL FARTHER – and reach MANY MORE people who might be comforted by it’s message of acceptance and LOVE IS LOVE – along with being entertained by the work itself

Creating high quality cinema and music – was of utmost importance along with the “message” of the story. Excellence and Craft is a must. 

I was very much aware of ‘composing’ + ‘designing’ along with screenplay-writing, directing, acting, along with rapping-singing+producing – so there’s definitely a ’21st-Century-Girl-rapper-rock-band‘ – aesthetic at work here . The wardrobe was a “meditation on mens-wear”© + I had imagined it could be a clothing line someday! This was also based on an exploration of “the male gaze” + “the white gaze.”

‘Culture is Nutrition meets Environment …’ ©

‘We Consume it + sometimes unwittingly, like the air we breathe, we consume by OSMOSIS …’©

Lovers of Movies + Music as well as – Free-speech a Free-Press, Journalism + uh – Basic Freedoms of Democracy might do the Culture + the Planet ( ourselves ) a favor – if we simply support an authentic indie artisanal “maker” like myself and my team.

I’m not against big budget films – I often love them!

And – I’d like to find more opportunities to work in them as an actress – because the current system is one big roadblock.

I just need a bit of “oxygen” – support from my community + from the Culture – to do what I do at my Sustainable femt0 ™studi0 : ” IndiGoGreen™ DreamBigTinyFootPrintZ™” we dream big + leave tiny footprints”©

Often , I liken my signature artisan-made process to “farm to table” + “Aquaculture.”

There’s a scene in Billy Wilder’s movie “Sabrina” where Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina , having been to the Sorbonne – is able to cobble together a feast – from just a few eggs + crackers + milk … – THAT’S my aesthetics

Yes I’m mixing metaphors when I say I’m allowing the “AquaCulturalZ™ Oyster-Pearls to “vine-ripen” + then when we release a project – I aim to “nourish” through “pictures words music in motion ™” encouraging Audiences to :

“sip the oysterZ savor the pearlZ ™ “©

Every day at my ocean studio – I send out RIPPLES on the water – wishing for love and peace in the world …

My most effective “Ripple” is this move, this album … –

I hope that your acknowledgement — will help this Ripple travel much farther than I can get it to go on my own … 

It’s funny how sometimes we have to do what GingerRogers described along the lines of “dancing Backwards In High Heels ” –  in order to move forward one step.

She takes her baby steps,
BackWardsInHighHeels “©

” and though she be but little, she is fierce ” – (Shakespeare ) 

this quote is invoked in one of my favorite true-life stories about the great ” seabiscuit ” –
a story warming my heart from the very beginning of this journey with my own movie –  Tiny Budgets + tiny teams – uphill climbs – hopes + dreams –

she’s the Dark Horse here –
but darkness
she doesn’t fear

+ Oh she loves to run…

My genuine aim is to:

” nourish ”  through

” Pictures


Music In Motion ” ™

Bon Apetit !

“We Don’t Fall in Love,

We Rise ™ “©

Truli© Cali Lili

2019🏝️ interview :

2017 🏝️interview :

Post Script :


© Cali Lili ;

My process is based on my methodologies in my book ‘The Declaration Of IndiePenDance™’ where I explore my film-making+music-making approach – I call it c.lili™ ‘s CynAesthetiX™ and it includes a variety of innovations in cinematic+music aesthetics.

As a young actress who’s taken the time to respect the history / HERstory of my craft – from the craftspersons’ perspective – I know that ‘innovation’ rests upon the past + is a bridge to the future.

With My Sisters – For My Sisters : in my recent writings and explorations about feminism — I am finding it crucial for us to find out – not so much why men hurt women – but instead, why some women – hurt women –

including the fact that often, we women, hurt ourselves, it’s a vicious cycle – and by hurting our sisters, we are expressing our self hatred …

I explored this – but it was not until VERY recently that I fully understood the depth of how these incidents shape us from childhood, into our teenage years, school experiences and then –

importantly, as we enter the professional world and encounter the competitive forces from our sisters, which often lead women to do unspeakable things – things they write about and rail against as #feminists – but which they do to each other, sometimes unconsciously …

I completed my movie + album while continuing essays and posts about what I would come to call the “Gentrification of Culture ™ “© referring to the intellectual property theft and secret exclusionary behaviors in the most unlikely corners of Arts and Culture

As we know, our work as feminists – and feminism can be fragile, as the world is often cruel to women who speak out, we often need each other — a form of Stockholm-Syndrome style bond out of necessity … so now the “famous feminists” can become the new bullies, having internalized the misogyny — perpetuating the predatory abuse of power — which is why I don’t often avail myself of friendships that are based in “need” or which arise out of hardships like global misogyny …

But there is a bond among us sisters and I always hold a wishful hope that women / girls I encounter will understand the need for true friendship, genuine caring, listening to each other — behaving towards our sisters in ways we wish to be treated … Unfortunately though, I’m going to say it here, and elsewhere – we often miss that mark.

I’m sorry to have to say it, sorrier to have experienced it, but damnit – we need to do better with each other. “Mean Girl Culture Cool” is often invoked when women / girls are acting all “empowered” – but of course that’s just stupid and self-defeating. We must do better.

Sisters – we really must. I offer the project below – which is the first in a trilogy on the subject. This project was a gift I made with my sisters, for my sisters all over the world. We might have been the first AllFemaleCrew as a production team – but we were certainly among the very first ever and I am certain we were a catalyst.

The Project is not easy to pigeonhole – and that’s true to form. I never wanted to make a movie I’ve already seen anywhere else.

One could describe this movie as :

A meditation on ‘male-gaze’ – ‘white-gaze’ – ‘mens-wear’ + other ‘ISMs’….


“A Not So Silent Scream ” ©

I’m still discovering it myself.

I offer it up and hope it reaches both Sisters and Brothers too

Together – we really must GirlTheWorld™ – this is why I made this project – I believe this is how “we shall over-come” our challenges – the ISMS – racism, sexism, homophobia and including climate denial.

I believe honoring the “Sacred Feminine” – the Female – the WomanKind on MotherEarth is the main component of Healing this BluePlanet – our WildLife our SeaLife and our Humanity ” © Cali Lili all rights reserved

Ladies + Gentlemen


For Your Consideration :

Our Oscars 2020 Contender

In These Categories:

Best Actress

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United We Thrive
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MemorialDay #MemorialDay2020 ‘From #CaliLili’s #ForTheNinth™ © in memory of so many including the #NinthWard #Trayvon #Tamir #SandraBland … As we move forward, let us pledge to rescue each other.

MemorialDay #MemorialDay2020

A Sound-Byte from the song #4the9th™ © Cali Lili

Listen closely for the mournful #horn playing a hint of #Taps

( horn by Donna Schwartz )

that sound is brought up in the song,

just before the rescue helicopter sound comes up,

the waters receding, then #rising

‘From #CaliLili’s #ForTheNinth™ ©

The song honors victims of #HurricaneKatrina especially the #NinthWard

as well as #TrayvonMartin #TamirRice and #SandraBland

along with the victims of the water disaster in #Flint #Michigan …

this song also foreshadows the “rising waters” that would eventually bring humanity into a future of similar challenges … including the #Covid disaster.

As we move forward, let us pledge to rescue each other.

Hear the full song and album on

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CaliLili ‘s #DebutAlbum #Soundtrack

To The #Oscars2020 Contender’

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🍎 https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/eve-n-god-this-female-is-not-yet-rated/id1447735793


#culture providing #Fairness #ForThePeople will provide Access 2 Qualified #Lawyers #legaladvice +action #OnBehalf #OfThePeople ; Same will b true #ForThePlanet ; let’s coordinate #SocialJusticeEmergencyRooms + #ClimateEmergencyRooms via #University + #PublicService programs


is also a



#Fairness #ForThePeople

 means access 2 #Lawyers #legaladvice + action





Same #ForThePlanet  ;


let’s coordinate #SocialJusticeEmergencyRooms


+ #ClimateEmergencyRooms

via #university + #PublicService programs?


Dear #Lawyers







We have Emergency Rooms for physical trauma,

We could easily “build” coalitions of online 





online +☎️ spaces c

b coordinated thru coalitions of 


 + #universities c



#SocialWorkers #psychologists #publicservice 

pros 2 provide a safe-space


wounds of #HumanRightsAbuses




#environmentalrights etc


Besides not turning #renters

into #IndenturedServants🦷


could help #lawyers

check that

#Healthcare during

and going forward

is not at Mercy of


#ClimateEmergencyRooms could provide

oversight on

#air + #water

Our greatest #resources are





with #university minds:








2 create:

#UrgentCare 4











fempowered™ © #ForThePeople #HealTheWorld #BringASisterToSocialMedia

Holiday Wish : May 2020 #HealTheWorld

Thanks SO MUCH for the love ! THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!

As we take our baby steps forward … – just as we were relaxing for the holidays – we were alerted to trolls posting lies and fake reviews about the project where-ever they can 🙄 – most recently on Amazon – and then “following” our account posing as Jeff Bezos 🙄 …

Since we found out that we are on the List of Eligible Contenders for an #Oscars2020 nomination – yay – GRANTED – we KNOW we are a LONG shot for a nom – it’s a first film for us, and we are so tiny – running with the big productions – many good films from studios etc …

However …. – even as a ” #DarkHorse candidate – it’s a wonderful opportunity for the project and all involved, for the work to get seen … I’m no egomaniac – but – this is a good film and I’m proud of it — and of the team …

RIGHT NOW : is SUCH a crucial time – where these trolls can really affect us – we’ve had GREAT reviews so far – which is why they went into action … –

it’s a crucial time for the film to be viewed fairly by the Academy Voters – especially during the #Holidays – Voting begins January 2 and ends January 7th … so – added “trolling” is obviously a conscious attempt to harm us ( and me ) – it’d be awesome if anyone reading this might help us in reporting the abusive comments and the accounts targeting us.

– and – if you like stuff about the movie + soundtrack – it would go such a long way toward countering these online evils, with positive reviews – that would help us and – this project – a ton ~ we made it to spread JOY and LOVE – so we wish for it to multiply … even in the face of negativity …

The project champions feminist, lgbtq, black lives matter and climate change causes, and I am personally outspoken – so it’s to be expected – however, it is not deserved and a better online community will result from us all pushing back against such obvious attempts to harm the project.

The film also attempts to “shatter” not only #glassceilings but also “Sound Barriers” on a variety of levels – by “breaking” some “cinematic rules” – so it’s not a “typical” movie – because – I didn’t set out to make anything “typical.”

Since day one – in 2011 when I began posting Job Openings requesting that we were especially hoping to receive #Resumes from #Women , persons in the #LGBTQ + #AfricanAmerican community – with the intent of a #Diversity based #FemaleCrew
for a project that deals with these issues as well as #MeToo and #ClimateEmergency way back in 2011 – we experienced shocking pushback – JUST from the Adverts alone ! Just – for a diversity based – job opening ! – from those who don’t like to see the world healing from racism, sexism, homophobia and climate denial. Unfortunately, in the entertainment industry – some of these things come from competitors or personal disgruntlement. Sigh. 🙄

We would SO appreciate it – if everybody helps us push back at these creeps, by clicking “report abuse” and even reporting the accounts posting these obviously sometimes personally motivated, often politically motivated, homophobic, misogynist and racist lies / abuses.

Thank you Again for your Love because THAT’s WHAT MATTERS !

Happy Holidaze and EVERY DAY for you and your families !

May 2020 #HealTheWorld

Variety Posts Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences List of Contenders for 2020 Oscars :



So proud of my team! (read more about my project at calililiindies.com ) #Oscars: #Academy Announces 344 #Films #Eligible for 2019 #BestPicture https://variety.com/2019/film/awards/oscars-academy-announces-344-films-eligible-for-2019-best-picture-1203446314/#utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=social_bar&utm_content=bottom&utm_id=1203446314 via Variety

#Variety December 17, 2019

#CheckItOut !

My Movie #eVeNgodThisFemaleIsNotYetRated™
is ON this list !

SO PROUD of the #AllFemaleCrew during Principle photography and the Mixed Gender, Mixed Orientation Music Team and Post-Production !

The project includes a #FemaleDirector and tackles #MeToo #LGBTQrights #WomensRights #InterracialLove and #ClimateEmergency !

We are such a TINY TEAM
and would appreciate any and all support for our
#ForYourConsideration campaign !

Hope everyone helps us #SHARE and spread the word for more #WordOfMouth
and we are hoping Academy Members will consider us for nomination in several categories for which we are eligible !

More info on our tiny #FYC campaign is at calililiindies.com

also at our facebook pages, twitter, Instagram etc …

Happy #Oscars Season and Happy #Holidays to all !
#Soundtrack Available Everywhere #Music streams !
🍎 https://music.apple.com/us/artist/cali-lili/1402310156

#Movie Available on
#Apple 🍎 https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/eve-n-god-this-female-is-not-yet-rated/id1447735793


'Let's make up ... A better world' ©, ArtisanAuteur™ AuthenticIndie™ TruliIndies™ DeclarationOfIndiePenDance™ ©CaliLili™, 🌊c.lili™CurrentZLeaps+LandingZ™©🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️🌊🐬🌊, 🌊c.lili™SeaLili™CurrentZLeaps+LandingZ™©🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏿‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️🌊🐬🌊, Uncategorized, worldoceansday

“ SHATTERED “ © Cali Lili ™ meditations on “eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™” “ What happens before you shatter the glass ceiling ?

Shattering Glass Ceilings + Breaking Sound Barriers

” 1 Day in the Epiphany of a 21st Century Girl, who kissed a Girl. ” ©

© Cali Lili ™
meditations on “eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™”

“ What happens before you shatter the glass ceiling ?

What does it even really mean – to ‘shatter glass ceilings’ ?

In my movie,

‘eVe’ as ‘every-woman’ has left the proverbial ‘eden’ – to start a ‘garden’ of her own.

We find her, where she ‘landed’

after ‘walking out of eden’ –

it’s a little rough for now – her suit-case barely unpacked – the closet over-crowded and flowers breaking through the floor, yearning to find the sun.

eVe explores : what happens after you shatter glass ?

Belting out : ‘ I believe in myself ‘ is an easy platitude –
but …
arriving at a place of one’s own –

a place – where it’s SO incongruent – to take one more step, remaining steeped in the old terrors of abandonment or loss – while still trying to ‘win’ + live a joyful life ?

Dancing ‘backwards in high heels’ as Ginger Rogers described – in order to take one step forward ?
a place – where ‘eVe’ as every-woman – must finally face the demons threatening her very survival
a place – where she knows in her bones : SHE CAN + MUST rely on herself now –
a self which is not alone – but made up of many other ‘every-women’ she can call upon to self-rescue –

the ‘every-women’ are represented by ‘Lila’ – eVe’s yin-yang-twin lover + partner
when everything – including her own faith in others or in the world or ‘god’ – is shattered – together – eVe + Lila – can heal the world.

To ‘shatter glass ceilings’ we must be willing to dare first – to be shattered from your old disempowering beliefs about self and culture.

Now that I’ve explored what happens BEFORE and during — I can’t wait for my next movie – to share what happened NEXT ! “

© Cali Lili ™ meditations on

“eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™”

Based on a story woven from true-life events, after a brutal attack, we enter the dreamscape of eVe, determined to save the life of her lesbian lover, Lila.

A bittersweet romance, an allegorical virginity fantasy, love-is-love-triangle story, bordering on polyamory, the world we experience is an immersive Sci-Fi Triple-F-Rated Fantasy Fairy Tale of the Global Girl awakening to the legacy of herself in a Venice Beach, Cali Surf Shack (eden).

Our experience of inner landscape, hovers over the cutting edge of life, death, dreams + reality.

Lush, green, yet minimalist.

In two hours, Miss Evening Lili / eVe Striptease Dancer / PHD STEM Science Candidate (Cali Lili) will present Oral Arguments to the PHD Committee. After last night, all bets are off.
This morning is eVe’s final prep session with Advisor Doctor Godard / god Chair of Gender Studies (Wings Hauser).

He wants to know eVe’s conclusions. Problem is: eVe has awoken to so many questions, she can no longer settle for Doc’s limited world.

Shot mostly On the Water with an original 13 song Rock Rap World Beats soundtrack Album to be released with Movie, ‘this female is not yet rated’ unfurls mysteries of an untold interracial love story between women of color eVe + Lilith / ‘Lila.’

Smashing story structure, breaking boundaries, born organically from a graphic novel / script that is surreal, narrative, love letter, declaration of independence, political protest for Democracy on behalf of all vulnerable lives in the balance.

Told ‘Like A Girl,’ with a sexy -smart edge,
this story is dedicated to Mother Earth, endangered communities: global girls, students, LGBTQ, bisexual, trans, BLM, Dreamers, indigenous cultures + wildlife / climate communities, especially ocean life.

Are we trapped in a liminal state-of-consciousness between life + death?

Or does this dream set us free?

Are we dreaming of eVe?

Or is she dreaming of us?

AquaCultureZ™ #counterculture


we are the goddamn counter-culture “

© Courtesy of Cali Lili Indies ™Pictures Words Music In Motion ™feMt0™studi0


For Your Consideration

eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™ ©

Movie Review : "  VERY different from the sort of thing that I typically deal with. Much more discursive -

( -Intent for the project comes through very strongly - that this is about trying to break preconceptions and make things better - )

but not everything has to fit the Hollywood template, and in place of action you’ve got atmosphere, a contemplative sense of place and smartly executed intellectual pyrotechnics instead....

 - it’s a pleasure .... but pleasures are guilty things!  " 

Lecturer, screenwriter, script editor

VERY different from the sort of thing that I typically deal with. Much more discursive –

( -Intent for the project comes through very strongly – that this is about trying to break preconceptions and make things better – )

but not everything has to fit the Hollywood template, and in place of action you’ve got atmosphere, a contemplative sense of place and smartly executed intellectual pyrotechnics instead….

 – it’s a pleasure …. but pleasures are guilty things! ” 

Lecturer, screenwriter, script editor


the wonder © Cali Lili ™ #poetry #ClimateEmergency #climatechange #fridaysforfuture

” the wonder
at the miracles
this pomegranate seed
was born

the water
the wave


was this weed
from singularity
the something
the what
that i can’t see

the wood and nail


in the balance



the blue

the green


one finger tipping toxin


one more



the might cost all

the price of profit

the wonder
at the miracles
this pomegranate seed
was born

the water
the wave


was this weed
from singularity
the something
the nothing
the what
the we can’t see

the we

the we can’t see

the can’t

the sea

the see

the see

the see  “













MultiMediaOrganiX™ #NOH8

https://t.co/CXFiLzL7i3 https://t.co/XqekKlaOzO


#EndangeredSpeciesAction #wildlife #sealife #artisanlife #SupportTheARTSustainTheARTIST™ #BuyArtFromTheArtisan ™ © #CaliLili™ #ArtisanMadeMovies™ #ArtisanMadeMusic™ #ArtisanMadeBooks™

“the 21st century indie artist like the 21st Century Middle + Working Classes

could become an #EndangeredSpecies “©

if #GentrificationOfCulture ™© continues ;

corporate middle-men+women should not be ‘in the middle’

of an artist’s relationship with her listeners + viewers –

that’s a #sacredspace – “©

Interview on Medium:



Cali Lili

SurF The Cali Lili Indies™ Pictures Words Music In Motion™ feMt0™studi0 ~ H20 ~ VenusBeach™ Cutting Edge Of The Pacific™ i am an ArtisanAuteur™ i make Signature Trademark Artisanal Indies Movies*Albums*Books with my diversity-based fempowered™ teams We are IndieGoGreen™ GrassRootZSproutZ™ So we do our best 2 allow time 4 ripening, as with fruits + herbs, freshly picked, then later “slow-cooked in small batches” like my secret sauces ; My Aim is 2 Nourish Thru Signature Pictures Words Music in Motion™ Offering You Authentically Indie Films, Music, Books that are “Handmade To Make a Difference™” MultiMediaOrganiX™ employing ToyBoxTechnology™ and … they are made for you – direct – from my feMt0™studi0 – a sustainable ecological reef SurFShackLOFT™ built from upcycled materials in harmony with BlueGreenSpaces™ Socially Responsive™ OrganicMultiMedia™ Artisanal Movies, Music, Books “Dream Big, Tiny FootPrintZ™©” Intellectual Property Warning : All Original Materials are © Cali Lili Artist Rights Are rigorously documented rabidly defended. Trademark Statements Copyright protected.

“The working class artist is ‘canary in the coal mine’ of culture. She represents the free-spirit in everyone. Going forward, I believe, we will all find out, that the shortest distance between the artist + her audience, will save mother earth, because the artist holds together the fabrics of culture, society, humanity + civilization. My work seeks to nourish + strengthen our ‘cultural immune system’ against threats to democracy + freedom. Please Support My Team. “©calilili™

”   The working class artist is ‘canary in the coal mine’ of culture.

She represents the free-spirit in everyone. 

Today’s increasingly authoritarian, indentured servitude economies where even ‘the arts’ enable 1-Percenters in earning obscene profits, leaving working class artists out in the cold of newly de-professionalized systems with shredded standards, was preceded by the gutting of the indie artist.

My work seeks to nourish + strengthen our ‘cultural immune system’ against threats to democracy + freedom.

However – it’s up to each and every one of us – to “vote for ourselves”  in all of this. 

The parallels with actual “voting” for public service – are quite palpable. Each vote for a public servant, is a vote for or against ourselves. 

It’s up to us – to choose humanity. To Choose to support artists, instead of corporations posing as such.

Going forward, I believe, we will all find out, that the shortest distance between the artist + her audience, will save mother earth, because the artist holds together the fabrics of culture, society, humanity + civilization.

Excerpts by  © Cali Lili 

“Makin’ a Livin’ Not a Killin’ ™ 

My Oscars 2020 Contender Indie Film and Original Soundtrack  

“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™ ” 

from my Sustainable, Green, Upcycled Tiny feMt0™studi0 

Copyright Excerpts by © Cali Lili all rights reserved.

Imagine being a poor kid who’s core joy in life, is the creation of something beautiful and then finding out that the rich kids can show up to steal your creations and claim them as their own ? “

Before the Covid-19 pandemic I wrote much of the text-collage below as a “compilation” of excerpts from my writings.

Upon re-reading it – I am viscerally struck by many eerily prescient statements, including my mention of the “cultural immune system” – which is not an unusual reference for me, but it’s got special resonance now.

Imagine – being a poor kid who’s core joy in life, is the creation of something beautiful and then finding out that the rich kids can show up to steal your creations and claim them as their own ?

I’m a numbers challenged poor-kid artist who worked to get an “A” in my College Economy class, yet – never expected ‘economics’ would become so key to the art and sustainable humanities – work I was born to do.

Now, it seems almost fitting that “economics” in the context of art-making should become a focus. True artists are ‘not in it for the money,’ we are driven by an other-worldly ‘calling’ yet we DO have to survive + we do face commercial and other ” vampires.” So much ego, jealousy and competition obstructs the work, especially in the era of “corporate art” and also – “amateur art” – in which “everybody is a celebrity and therefore nobody is authentic.” Time and focus become even more precious and reaching the audience, becomes more challenging in the context of so many distractions.

I want to make clear that I’m not just slamming big budget productions or corporations — they employ many people and are a very important part of the “economic landscape” – the “economic eco-system.”

But like all eco-systems –  balance is key.

Just as the “big fish” get to swim big in the big ocean … – so too, must my tiny productions be nurtured, supported by the industry, the economy  ( the big ocean )  and diverse audiences, just as my work as an artist – should be nurtured by elders, producers, directors, fellow artists through quality acting jobs in the larger economic arena – without being mutually exclusive, or – damn near impossible without “the right connections.” 

Where we have arrived in the current imbalance of the economic eco-system of the entertainment industry – is, like the imbalances leading to climate-crisis, endanger species – so too, does the imbalance in our industry ( and I dare-say many other big money driven industries ) threaten the artist as an endangered species.  

Things don’t have to stay the same. 

There are ironies evident during the current pandemic. One of the ironies we recently noticed,  involves several entertainment venues that were cold, indifferent, callous, arrogant – and even cruel –  to young artists like myself, just starting out with fresh projects – who are now actually begging US to write to OUR government representatives – asking US to ask that OUR tax-dollars go toward bailing THEM out!

Some of these venues – even go so far as to “pose” as “mom and pop” operations, which for me is a huge irony as I have been advocating the return of the “mom and pop ” economy with my “MomNPopUpShopZ™ ” moniker but I CERTAINLY would not call these “outfits” anywhere NEAR the kind of “AuthenticIndie™” that takes place at my studio.

Really now, the height of hypocrisy – to write to artists  whose dreams you tried to crush – asking for a bailout ?

But that’s actually the environment our culture has enabled, via the “Gentrified Economy ” we’ve been enduring – that led to the literal “gentrification” of our very “culture” – which in its purest form is the physical expression, embodiment of the “soul” of the people.

Like those who “vote against themselves” by voting for politicians that work for the 1% richest echelon of their district, while getting the 99% to believe they deserve poverty – there has been an apathetic acceptance by too many of us – that those who literally absconded with our resources are somehow “endowed” with forms of “entitlement” based upon the size of their bank accounts – even if those numbers were not quite ethically attained.

It’s a “Stockholm Syndrome” of some sort.

If we don’t free ourselves from this unhealthy cycle, we will continue to enable the very abuses of power that got us here in the first place – massive inequality with the 1 Percenters getting bailed out even as they continue to suck every ounce of resources from the rest of us.

Witness the Covid-19 Circumstances  :  most renters are not able to leave the house to work … and yet … many of the larger landlords just got bailed out in various ways … but the renters STILL OWE THE RENT.

How does that make sense ?

It just doesn’t. 

I believe the “economic eco-system” in the “arts and culture” professions, too often intertwined in a symbiotic fashion with what’s known as “the entertainment industry” – which dangerously includes ” news ” now … –   CAN be nurtured back to health – if we can find enough consensus among the wide range of artists from the fat-cats – to the tiny fish like me.

I DO believe that if the George Clooneys / Tom Hanks’s  / Amy Adams’s / Meryl Streeps  – types  –  now including the “star news anchors” –  and “star pundits” –  could someday consider what I am proposing – we could create a far more humane – healthy – AND ethically lucrative industry. 

For one thing, true actors, musicians, artists and technicians alike  –  could communicate directly with potential future collaborators –   directors / producers etc … –   without the excruciating and humiliating obstructions currently in place. There could be some continuity such as that which I describe in my “HighSchoolMeetsOldSchool™” concept – where people at every stage of their careers and lives – move forward without being tossed into the trash. If we continue to support “disposable culture” – we will continue to be treated as “disposable people.”   

It’s literally an insane system right now  –  the height of gentrification –  and unapologetically so – with pecking orders reminiscent of high-school cliques that never had to grow up because they were enabled into becoming their own industry clique. 

We are supposed to just “accept” the hierarchy – people whose films or music are just – not that great, didn’t even earn much at the box office – but were “in the club” so they were therefore – “better” than actual working class artists putting out quality projects … ? People were silent – nobody could speak out in this environment or –  that age-old threat : “you’ll never work in this town again became a reality.” 

How SICK is that ? Very. It’s literally, a virus – one that reflects the larger gentrified economy but is magnified by its rare surroundings.

Covid-19 is exposing all kinds of realities.  

‘Why is backing my working-class-artist –  work – a worthy / valuable investment ?’

That’s the question I posited for one of my upcoming books.

It was also supposed to be included in IndieGoGo / Patreon campaigns, but we found platforms like those, to be somewhat antithetical to the main purpose of this essay and the undertaking as a whole. I hope as you read on, you might see why. 

Having said that – we need and appreciate your support.

We are expressing this outside of forums such as “IndieGoGo”  ” GoFundMe” or “Patreon” for a variety of reasons, including those mentioned, but also because this work is done on a professional basis – and it is only by virtue of an  “illness” in the industry – that we are forced to communicate outside the norms of the industry – directly to you – our partner in the sharing of culture AND in what I am outlining as a future for an ” INTEGRATED” and “INTERDEPENDENT” awareness for culture and economy.

Like athletes, we train – and train – and train – and we get injured, take losses, have to recover – and there are a billion different adjustments and daily practices that must take place before a performance of excellence is accomplished.

Also like athletes, we inspire and uplift. 

But there is an added  – urgency – to supporting work like mine. My films, music and writings, have not blithely worn blinders in the name of “entertainment” at the expense of culture. My work takes responsibility for recognizing – that what we release into the “bloodstream” of our culture, our society, the minds of our sisters and brothers – will impact our globe and precious wildlife. sealife – the very water and air – in some small or large way. 

We haven’t taken the easy route, just napping our way into the public arena to collect profits and ego strokes. 

We care. 

I care. 

I REALLY care, sometimes to the detriment of my own peace of mind and wellness. But I work on that too – and I also have a wellness project in the works that I look forward to sharing with you. 

I guess what I am saying is – while I don’t believe in “tribalism” ( see my professional bio ) I DO believe in the power of our collective “global village.” That’s who I am working for – that’s “my tribe” – US. 

Below are excerpts from my ‘meditations,’ stream of consciousness attempts at a response :

The artist is ‘canary in the coal mine’ of culture. She represents the free-spirit in everyone. Today’s increasingly authoritarian, indentured servitude economies where even ‘the arts’ enable 1-Percenters in earning obscene profits, leaving working class artists out in the cold of newly de-professionalized systems with shredded standards, was preceded by the gutting of the indie artist. My work seeks to nourish + strengthen our ‘cultural immune system’ against threats to democracy + freedom.

Going forward, I believe, we will all find out, that the shortest distance between the artist + her audience, will save mother earth, because the artist holds together the fabrics of culture, society, humanity + civilization.

Please join my movement : ‘SupportTheARTSustainTheARTIST™’ ©

Here’s why :

My concerns for global culture were quite intense before this pandemic … but of course, like everything else – we are at full throttle now – high gear – but hopefully, not so high that we “throttle” ourselves :

” I am experiencing the 21st Century – intensely –

While daunting, sometimes harrowing, always challenging – I believe – it’s an opportunity for us to : “Make Up A Better World.”

I’m an actress/director + singer/songwriter so I work with “ stories,” employing design, rhythm and shape as building blocks.

The expression “making up a better world” unfolds into a multitude of meanings. “Making Up” can mean – hand-made – fabricating stories as I do at my green sustainable studio, it can mean wearing literal “make-up” and – it can also mean – resolving an argument … “mending a tear in the fibers of a culture.”
That’s what I aim to do with my projects – to nourish and “mend” as I contribute to the “woven” fabric of a culture showing some “wear and tear.”

As an authentically independent : “TruliIndie™” artist, I’ve come to realize that maintaining an authentically “indie” status holds the same challenges that we as “individuals” face in an increasingly “corporate” world dominated by a “ Cultural Industrial Complex.” That’s a phrase I’m paraphrasing from the well-known expression “ Military Industrial Complex “ – illustrating how the same form of “corporate takeover” can be applied to culture. That’s dangerous and it renders the “Indie Artist” working outside of Corporate Media – and “Endangered Species.” It now occurs to me, that there is also a “Medical Industrial Complex” – that does not put patient safety above public relations or profits.

But here’s the thing – the reason I think you might consider caring about my work :
Just as the non-corporate tethered artist “works without a net” – going forward into the 21st Century : every free-thinking individual – daring to decline, oppose, disagree with, not become dependent upon a corporate entity – they too will increasingly become an “Endangered Species.”

The fallacy in assuming that only one group gets targeted by corporate domination – becomes evident daily as authoritarianism rises parallel with increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence and continued indifference towards sustainable technologies to save our planet as “new planets” are sought for “expansion” of an old patriarchal model that is damn near destroying our “mother earth.” ( Re-reading this after covid-19 is shocking – because surely our economy will lean more toward AI as “non-contact” business seems to be a trend.)

My view is – just as we find ourselves at a time of great opportunity to reverse and amend the harmful advance of “climate change” – we also live in a time of great opportunity to assert the freedoms taken for granted by so many, who enjoy the democracy died for by so many and – to this day – longed for – by so many more.
A culture’s freedoms – the freedoms for everybody – are measured, expressed ( or suppressed ) in their purest form, upon examination of the “health” of it’s arts.

I’m going to repeat opening statements as they are beginning to feel like necessary “mantras” :

“Imagine being a poor kid who’s core joy in life, is the creation of something beautiful and then finding out that the rich kids can show up to steal your creations and claim them as their own ?

The artist is ‘canary in the coal mine’ of culture.

She represents the free-spirit in everyone.

Today’s increasingly authoritarian, indentured servitude economies where even ‘the arts’ enable 1-Percenters in earning obscene profits, leaving working class artists out in the cold of newly de-professionalized systems with shredded standards, was preceded by the gutting of the indie artist.

My work seeks to nourish + strengthen our ‘cultural immune system’ against threats to democracy + freedom.”

With your support, I can continue to prove that my Authentically Indie Movies, Albums and Books from my green, sustainable, non-corporate, studio – can remain “organic,” sustainable AND authentically free from corporate-speak, corporate-culture, corporate-cultural propaganda which so often include age-old biases such as misogyny, racism, homophobia and climate/nature denial.

If only the 1 Percent among us – make movies, write books and music that ever get “distributed” to the nation and the world … then – our very thoughts, dreams, hopes, wishes – our very brains become shaped forever by that group’s agenda.

We literally become ( or continue to be ) “indentured servants” of the 1 Percenter class in a profound way : our very imaginations, our language, the rhythm of our hearts beat – to the beat – of the drum, paid for by those who can afford to make the commercials and publish the glossy photos in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Esquire, The New York Times etc …

By some form of “Economic Eugenics” paid for by – we – ourselves, we will be contributing to the “natural selection “ of any truly quality ideas – literally stolen from ourselves – from Twitter, Pinterest and other mediums that working class artists and thinkers can afford to use to express ourselves, which are “spied upon” by the “interns” or publicists hired by the wealthy – who then appropriate those ideas into their mega-rich megaphones – claiming the genius as their own, even as the geniuses are left to die penniless, as they have often done throughout history.

If we continue to support / consume mostly corporate-media born from money worship, there will continue to be only two classes of artist – the Uber rich and the Uber poor and it will continue to spread to other fields of study, other corners of civilization.

But if we shift our economic values, make a concentrated, conscious effort to avoid “consuming” corporate media and an effort to “consume” more “ArtisanMadeMedia™ + Arts like mine – on a personal basis, supporting arts that are created by an individual artist in need of our support – and if we all – support EACH OTHER’S SMALL BUSINESSES – in a sort of “revival” of the “mom and pop“ businesses – what I call “Mom N’ Pop-Up ShopZ™ Economy” – then we can create a healthier “economic environment” – in the same way we can save our own “environment” from the harmful effects of consuming all the oil, gas and other products upon which the 1 percent grow fat – as the planet grows sick.

ReadTheIndieLabel™ WhatsInYourIndie™ :

Not all indies are created equal.

Many movies, albums, other projects and products have long ago appropriated the word “ Indie “ because it’s “cool.”

But often these are big budget, corporate – backed – deals.

That’s part of “what happened” to movies and music – they became all about the deals, not the movies, not the music, not the artists, or the audiences. They became about – the money – but those deals wanted it both ways. They wanted to appear “indie” – while still raking in obscene profits. There’s a reason these entities wanted to study our “tastes” a an audience via big tech.

Recently studios have cultivated a hobby – they slander American actors, claiming we don’t have the “skills” or discipline of actors from other countries.

Now – please know, I am in love with so many cultures. I am not speaking from some xenophobic point of view. I LOVE actors from all cultures. It’s the goddamn slander from studios that I am taking exception to.

If you’ll notice there are quite a few actors from other countries playing Americans. That might be fine, but I can assure you this has nothing to do with our skills or discipline. American actors are, becoming an endangered species. Why ? Money. Power. Money. This is the “money-ball” of movies and music.

Excerpt from Cali Lili’s opening statement in 2013 :

“ In Bob Fosse’s Film “Cabaret,” the Song “Money” (by Kander & Ebb)
chants … incants …
Something we might catch
running on the hamster-wheel
in our own heads …
“Money Makes the World Go Round
The World Go Round
The World Go Round
Money – Money – Money …”
… the song goes round …
“Money” … is what it takes to do many things …
Especially … Making Films …
Double DUH.
But “Money” doesn’t “MAKE” … Anything.
And FILMS are MADE … by Hand(s) …
Albums too …” © Cali Lili 2013

Excerpted from my essay originally published in 2013 during the Cannes Film Festival – here’s the full essay :

MoneySez™ Movies4The99Percent™

© Cali Lili

My “client” is :

The Individual In EveryOne™



If we continue to support “Disposable Culture” then we will continue to be treated by our politicians and legislators like “Disposable Humans.”

I’m really worried about this and I have been, ever since I considered law as a career.
I decided that I could do more for the “global village” with my work as an artist and culture- “maker.”

I am “weaving” and “simmering” what I hope, could be “cures” to some of our ills – with my secret-sauces, based in love, kindness and respect.

I believe in making projects that help us “preserve” our “innocence” as though we are living in the “Summer” of our humanity’s harvest and we must make sure that every flavor is preserved in both seed form and in a cultural – “jar of preserves” – for the Winter. That Cultural Winter seems colder during Climate Change. ( Re-Reading this, post Covid 19 – is chilling ).

In 2012 when we first announced and advertised / listed the hiring of diverse inclusive team members on Craigs’ List – we saw many hate-filled, vicious, comments from racists, misogynists and homophobes who detested the fact that we asked for more “women, persons of color, LGBTQ community members to apply for the team positions.”

It was a shocking introduction into the kinds of cruelty we witness today.

It is with great pride, that we have released a project intended to heal, mend, balm and inspire us – in spite of such unkindness in the world.

One of the many mottos at my tiny studio is :

“The Chain of HumanKindness Is Stronger Than Our Weakest Links ™” ©

The projects I will introduce here are “HandMadeToMakeADifference™” ©

We work – with my methodology, stemming from a lifestyle philosophy rooted in yoga, zen and dance – which flows not only into my works of film, music, poetry but into the “works,” the workings – the “how” we can support each other instead of corporations.

Mind you, I don’t hate corporations, if they are pro-human. Humanity First.

This methodology born from experience is always on our minds and in our hearts. I hire teams of high quality crafts-persons, technicians and artisans to make each of these projects as a collectors’ item, not disposable fast-culture nor the plasticized packaging of a meme.

There is pain that accompanies the basic needs of an artist.

These are agonies most people aren’t aware of because most of our references, when we hear the word “artist” – is the slanderous examples of either the “crazy rich” or the “just plain crazy.”

In fact the life of an artist is both for more amazing and far more mundane than we might imagine – but still requires every ounce of dedication.

It’s not just a job, it’s a “calling” and that sounds romantic but truth be told – not everybody would even want to be “called” because it can be exhausting and it’s not really a choice.

If one is born this way – one must create.

But : “ imagine being a poor kid who’s core joy in life, is the creation of something beautiful and then finding out that the rich kids can show up to steal your creations and claim them as their own ? “

Media, tv, movies, social media are today’s public square, playground, and printing press.

They do “inform” us – but they also “shape” us.

Since there are no “ingredients labels” on the media we consume, we are literally “consuming” ideas, biases, and content ( which may be stolen from artists ) at our own risk, at the risk of the very fabric of our culture and civilization.

If we aren’t able to “sample” the more “whole foods,” artisanal, farm-to-table, versions of media, such as that which I make at my studio and which receive contributions from people like my local farmers, who contributed produce to my film set, then – we are abdicating our “food-for-thought-sourcing” and just “trusting” that “big media” knows what we should “consume.”

Every radio station, tv channel, including much of the “on demand” and streaming now – are backed by the very same big media who controlled three networks in years gone by. Same old same old.

If we don’t broaden our own “tastes” in arts and culture, as we did with “foodie” culture – where we discovered “sourdough” bread and artisanal cheeses, heirloom veggies and – VITAMINS … – we will be depriving our emotional, intellectual, spiritual and even physical well-being – of wellness opportunities as a culture.

We might be depriving ourselves of the innate “healing capacity” of our “Cultural Immune System” – the capacity to come together as a “Global Village” and solve problems like economic inequality, gun violence, health care, education, and environmental injustice / climate change.

If we deprive ourselves of our innate healing capacity to “think for our-selves” as individuals free from the shackles of corporate-think often laden with internalized bias, misogyny, racism, homophobia and science-denial – then we will have abdicated control over the “levers” of our minds, the minds of our children, the minds of future “leaders.”

Inevitably this abdication of “free will” – shapes, defines and controls Culture, collective and individual fears and hopes – channels our education – which in turn shapes future policies, laws – medicine – health , housing , food safety, personal safety … ( again, I’m re-reading this … in post-Covid-19 times – I’m quite amazed this was written before Covid)

We don’t have an ingredients label on our media – by that, I’m not referring to the ratings / reviews of content determined by the “Corporate cultural industrial complex” policing itself. What I mean by “ingredients list” is – asking questions with our newly found critical thinking / think-for-myself skills – asking questions like : “ who made it, how was it made, when I stream this movie / music am I supporting an indie artist not signed by a corporate fat-cat-copy-cat ? “

When my movie was complete, we sought to find “distribution” with a movie distributor known for “indie films.” We realized – after reading their policy which stated in public “ if we haven’t worked with you before, we won’t work with you now” – that every movie they distributed was “packaged” by one of the 1Percenter largest “Agencies” who cast only their own “1Percenters” and – in some cases, the Agencies were co-producing the movies with the 1Percenter studios / mini-majors.

Money Money Money.

SO MANY great actors, artists – were cast aside by such policies. If you are a cinephile, you know how many brilliant directors, actors, singers – artists were cast aside by those who bought the power to – “greenlight” or stop projects that might have employed some of the greatest artists.

I make ArtisanMadeMedia™ – just like home-made cookies fresh from the oven or organic fresh-picked vine-ripened fruit – my projects are “Organic” – we are not infused with a list of chemical ingredients one might find in a “store-bought” cookie – or chemical-sprayed Agribusiness GMO franken-fruit.

Here is one example : for actors, the “Breakdowns” mean everything.

In fact, the “Breakdowns” might actually represent the “breakdown” of actors’ abilities to seek quality, paying acting work without a high profile agency — and there-fore — they might represent – how the entertainment industry destroyed the American Actor.
The “Breakdowns” is a list of all the acting jobs available at any given time — paying projects, projects that represent the highest possible goals a working actor might attempt to achieve on any given day.

But most actors – cannot see them.

They are ONLY provided to agents.

How do you get an agent ? Get work that shows you are good at what you do.

How do you get work as an actor ? Get an agent – with access to the “Breakdowns.”

It’s an insane Catch 22

Is it legal ? Who knows. Who asks ?

If you ask – will you be barred from “ working in this town “ ?

Who knows. Who asks ?

Here is another example :

Recently I saw an EXCELLENT series entitled “ The Loudest Voice” – if you saw it – you likely noticed the excellence.

For me, it was excellent on it’s own – but it was also an ironic experience, as are many that I witness on Showtime and other networks.

Showtime Is one of the industry avenues to whom I sent my indie movie “ eVe N’god this female is not yet rated “ ™© in my early attempts to find distribution. I was told that my movie was “too experimental “ for Showtime.

Now my team and I witness the programming on Showtime – which parallels every single theme addressed in my movie. Showtime’s “The Loudest Voice” and some of their other programming is a double-edged sword to me + any other indie artist who “pitches” them a project. Big Media now appropriates the voice of the female creator, the person of color creator, the LGBTQ creator, the science-based creator … just as some charities of late have begun to appropriate the voices of small charities working for years to support their causes.

Showtime produced “ the loudest voice “ – but somewhere in the dialogue of this century – I’ve got to ask : what did they do with my voice – when I pitched them my project — and when they told me it was “too experimental.” Well – one look at Showtime’s current programming — shows that my project would have fit perfectly with their current slate. It’s clear to us – that we didn’t know the right people, have the right agents, or contacts.

Seriously ?

Is THIS how we are going to continue to allow our “cultural story” to be written ? Are we going to continue to allow this culture to be run via insider trading and cliques ?
Will we allow ourselves to stay in high school forever ?

At what point – do “We The Creators” and “We The Audience” — collectively “ We The Global Village “ — get to communicate directly with each other — without the “middle-men” and “middle-women” — the gate-keepers — running interference ? At what point – do we simply : connect ?

I’d like that point to be – RIGHT NOW — and I invite you to please, join me and my team.

I’m a poet, so I appreciate complexity of emotion contained within the boundaries of simple structure.

Campaigns and business don’t always capture an “poetic essence” for any given venture.

But I’m going to try … because poetry is at the core of everything I do.

I hope the information included, provides some insight about me … –

But, I want to cut to the chase, before I include more links …

Enough about me, let’s talk about you.

I need your help.

Ever since I began my project, I knocked on the doors of 1 % ers in Hollywood – seeking support for the kinds of innovation I wanted to deliver to a Hollywood dinosaur environment that was weighed down by years of misogyny, sexism and many other ” isms ” – especially the “isms” that deal with cold-hard-cash.

After throwing myself wholeheartedly and quite humbly on the “mercy” of the establishment, I realized ( and was warned by some of the good guys ) that there my types of innovation were not wanted by a status quo environment working hard at keeping the profits steadily rolling in to the same people in power.

Aside from raising the money to make my movie and album – I needed to secure distribution – in order to create awareness of the project.

This was crucial, because this film and album were especially focused on helping those “coming out” in the global LGBTQ community – and offering emotional support, solace, sister-hood in the Womens’ Rights, Human Rights, Interracial Love and Climate Change / Ocean Conservancy communities world-wide –

It’s a project “For the People” but the establishment in the entertainment industry was barring us from any forms of distribution – it was literally what I call a ” Gentrification of Culture ™©” – to the extent that our “culture” is dictated by the 1% who barely experience the reality of – what it’s like to “make a living” and live in the making of – our culture !

I see now that I was a bit naive – distribution is THE HARDEST part of movie-making now that almost anybody can make a movie. I was outlining my work as combining what I call “ToyBoxTech™” with very highly skilled, high quality projects – so my work falls into a unique category.

We weren’t “high finance” enough for the big distributions – but we were not amateurs, we are pros – so there was no thought of simply dumping the project onto YouTube for free – that wasn’t the point.

The idea was to be TruliIndie™ without corporate over-lords.

The idea was about the “working class” in the entertainment world speaking to the “working class” in the audience’s world. After all – we really ARE experiencing the world together.

We don’t live in mansions, but we are hollywood professionals.

As I blogged during the making of this project, I realized that the TruliIndie™ artist / artisan ( especially in the entertainment world) was, like much of our wildlife, and like the independent thinker – an “Endangered Species.”

We are all : “Makin’ a Livin’ Not a Killin’” ™©

I refused to give up on my TinyMultiMedia™ and I forged ahead with making them as AquaCultureZ™ : like pearls, they would be formed slowly with tender loving care, as though they were grown in a ” pearl farm .”

Flash Forward :

The movie and album are complete, the graphic novel is on the way, and the next album and movie are in pre-production !

We invite audiences to “Sip TheOysterZ SavorThePearlZ™ “ © :

This first of many “FarmToTableFables™” was made with up-cycled wardrobe and film sets – in fact, several farmers, including female farmers from the farmers market, contributed produce and flowers for the film’s “Garden Of eVe ™ ” set dressing along with crew lunches !

So why am I bothering you with all this ?

Now that I made an authentically indie feature motion picture completely OUTSIDE ” the system ” – along with the Soundtrack / Debut Album – also as a rebel / renegade indie artist –

Now that we did get a tiny theatrical release in Downtown Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Cinema

Now that the movie can be seen on Apple TV / iTunes, Google Play, and Vimeo World-Wide … and the Album / Soundtrack can be heard on Apple / iTunes and EVERYWHERE ELSE music is streamed / downloaded –

and now that our baby steps have somehow brought this little girl into the arena as an Oscars 2020 Contender – “though she may be little, she is fierce” – running with the Goliaths –

We need YOU

and YOU

and YOU –


How can you support us without us submitting to a somewhat “corporate” model at IndieGoGo and Patreon ? 

Here’s How : 

In addition to adding my album/soundtrack and singles – to all your playlists, whether it be Apple  or Spotify, YouTube or GooglePlay, Boomplay – Everywhere music streams  – 

 iTunes / Apple TV Movie :  https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/eve-n-god-thi…

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Aside from aspiring to entertain and inspire with this piece – my aim was to “nourish” – it really was made from the heart – in order to share ideas and solace with those who may need to hear the message of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusivity, interracial unity, kindness, and hope …

Culture should not be “gentrified” – exclusive by the 1 % – or it will turn sour and harm the very people consuming it.

Culture must be made “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

That is what this movie and album are literally “made from.”

If we can get this movie and album OUT THERE with your help :

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Some “Bits About Me”  :


“I’m still that teenage runaway with a scholarship … I earned a Masters’ Degree from NYU, but no high school diploma … “

It’s true ! I got skipped several grades and – then scholarships, so I found myself as a kid – in Graduate School with fellow “peers” / “students” who were already university professors in other countries, studying at NYU ! Surreal !

I survived an abusive childhood mainly because I ADORE the ARTS … all I ever wanted to do – was create beauty in order to make the world a better place.

My teachers were angels and I am eternally grateful. I am not sure I was quite “conscious” of all the “grade-skipping” … I just knew that I needed to arrive – here and NOW.

I “caught a wave” for Cali – because I figured my name was a good hint and having been born on the water – I needed to be – water. My “temple” is my daily time surfing the Pacific before going to work at my tiny, hand-built, sustainable, biodegradable, green studio.

A note about my studio :

I designed this eco-structure in high-school, never really knowing if it would ever get built. I was lucky to have connected with my partner and long story short – it was built and i was up and running – on my “half a shoestring budget” from my baby-sitting money, yoga-teacher earnings and actress earnings. I found my first few team members, and went to work.

I’m enclosing a bit of my formal professional bio below, since it’s the most comprehensive way I could think of, to introduce myself :

2019 Interview https://medium.com/@mondofilm/interview-with-ca…

2017 Interview http://www.wearemovingstories.com/we-are-moving…

Twitter https://twitter.com/CaliLiliIndies

Official Website CaliLiliIndies.com  https://calililiindies.com/

iTunes / Apple TV Movie :  https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/eve-n-god-thi…

iTunes Soundtrack

IG https://www.instagram.com/calililiindies/

Facebook Movie page https://www.facebook.com/EVEnGodThisFemaleIsNot…

Facebook Band page

Cali Lili :

Professional Biography by GTA Management :

” Actress-Director / Singer-Songwriter Cali Lili skipped several grades (having been tested as reading at college level in grade school) took her first college course in the entire works of Shakespeare, at age 13, never graduated high-school, never even went to a prom, was swooped up, landing at NYU, then completed her Masters’ Degree on full scholarship with awards / stellar reviews for early works.

The Cali Lili ™ Band recorded a completely original stand-alone “Urban / World / Rock © ” styled Singer-Songwriter Debut Album which forms the core of the soundtrack for her debut feature film :

‘eVe N’god(TM) this female is not yet rated ™’

She made the feature length narrative motion picture with an ALL FEMALE production team.

‘eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™ ‘ is perhaps, the first ( or one of the first ) production of it’s kind : a theatrical feature length motion picture, in which the technical production roles employed only women during principal photography.

Born of multi-cultural heritage, Cali is keenly aware and concerned with what she sees as a form of “tribalism” too often employed as “nationalism.” Cali writes about these issues and acts accordingly when it comes to her public image.

Cali adores being an actor and takes that craft very seriously, but found herself turning down 3 acting offers, that she felt were disempowering to women especially in the MeToo environment, in order to “turn up” what she calls fempower™ by scraping together “half a shoestring budget” to build her “green” “off-grid,” upcycled “floating” “surfshack” feMt0™ studi0 at the Venice Beach Canals in Los Angeles, California where she makes “Signature” Sustainable, Green Auteur Artisanal Motion Pictures, Albums and Books, “HandMade2MakeADifference™”

Cali’s degree included extensive studies in anthropology as well as performance techniques from all over the globe. She holds an added background of intense New York studies in dance / choreography.

Cali is proud to share her deep connection with “Mother Africa” + “Mother Ocean.” She is greatly inspired by African culture, the cultures of Oceania, and that of her other diverse intercultural studies.

Cali’s quote :

“We all originate from one mother in Africa, the Ocean is our collective unconscious, so let us honor each other, our mutual mother, our waters, and our blue mothership, earth. In doing so, we save ourselves “©

Cali’s films are inclusive of lgbtq characters and the authentic real lives of these characters. She also delves into the reality of “being female” and a “multi-cultural blend” who “appears to be white,” in a biased “MeToo” world.

Cali’s career in movies began as a teenager, flying back and forth from NY to LA, while working as an “au pair.”

As a kid, she “raised herself” in spite of an abusive childhood
With legendary ‘Edward G. Robinson (I)’ (qv) as one of the distinguished members of her ancestry, Cali dedicates herself to honoring a tradition of excellence and earning her “place” as an up-and-coming young artist.

She has been granted the rights to the favorite novel of legendary ‘Zane Grey (I)’ (qv) by Grey’s son Loren Grey ( writer and educator) for a film adaptation in which she will co-star.

Zane Grey was a very outspoken novelist – who cared deeply about wildlife and culture. Cali has much in common with Mr. Grey’s concerns for our planet, which is why she is aligned with this project.

Cali works with her proprietary methodologies as described in her book “The Declaration of IndiePenDance”™

In the past, Cali previously worked in a collaboration agreement deal with Academy Award winning Dutch producer, ‘Hans de Weers’ (qv) (Antonia’s Line) which ended when Cali realized it was time to build her own tiny studio, in order to make projects that empower Women, LGBTQIA , Civil Rights and Climate Science communities.

Her wish is to continue sharing her heart with the hearts of the beautiful fans she hears from, daily.

We here at GTA Management, hope you will take some time to support her works.

( GTA Management Biographies )


Cali’s band page statement :

“Inventing new worlds with my art, saved my childhood.

Dancin’ pavement on NYC streets, I learned my craft comforted by the shelter of my Pictures, Words Music In Motion™

I’m a Multi-Cultural “Island Child Wild ™ In The City ” so I caught a wave 4 Cali.

My music?

It’s eclectic, island child wild™


SurF Tribe, Indigenous City RockVibe™
Cutting Edge Of The Pacific™”


The Cali Lili Indies™ Brand is a “Destination” ;

Aspiring to Inspire + Empower™

‘ The Sexy Part of Smart™© “


© Cali Lili™
Cali Lili Indies™™
In Motion ™
c.lili.IslandGirlZCulturePearlZ™ CuttingEdgeOfThePacific™
These Intellectual Properties / MultiMedia / Written Documents are Signature © Copyright Trademark Proprietary Intellectual Properties belonging to © Cali Lili™ and Cali Lili Indies ™ Pictures Words Music In Motion™ feMt0™studi0 etc All Rights Reserved Artist Rights and Intellectual Properties are Rigorously Documented and Rabidly Enforced by Representatives of Cali Lili™

Cali Lili Indies™
Cutting Edge Of the Pacific™

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