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Cali Lili ” thriving is survival of the fairest not survival of the fittest ” Social Media and ‘ The GentrificationOfCulture™ ‘ ©

“Social Media etiquette and ethics

are a mirror.

A direct reflection of ‘real world’ ethics + etiquette.

When people follow each other on social media, it’s an exchange of sorts. It also reflects ‘real world values ‘ so to speak.

When an account follows people then drops them to stay ahead – it erodes trust and shuts down communication .

In 2012 My team and I began posting projects online regarding what I saw as interrelated concerns – none of which could be parsed away from any others :

women’s empowerment

racial, lgbtq, gender social justice

and wildlife, sea-life care along with climate action.

I wanted “Urgent Care” Emergency Rooms for social + environmental justice.

I was warned by online educators in the same way my ‘real life’ teachers had warned me – beware of the jealous ones who steal your ideas and don’t acknowledge.

This has been a conundrum of social media, not to mention the fact that all dictators throughout history have been jealous plagiarists with malignant narcissism – a trait shared by many successful people, CEO’s, billionaire so-called ‘artists’ alike. That ‘go-getter’ thing we are taught by culture to revere, while not necessarily harmful, can, as we’ve suffered through the past 4 years of a reality show nightmare, become a rampage threatening to decimate every ounce of humanity.

After all, why do we want success if not to celebrate our humanity?

Without humanity, what is the point of our success?

I’m operating on a different definition of success because I can’t justify the behaviors I’ve witnessed since I was a kid.

As a self described ‘runaway with a scholarship’ I witnessed the push + grab style of climbing and kicking ones way up some imaginary ladder and just couldn’t connect with that shit.

That’s how the old “survival of the fittest” world worked.

Lucky for me while literally surviving a cruel abusive childhood home, something in the universe blessed me with the best teachers who saw me, sparked to my passion and dedication for art and learning – and who rewarded merit.

As I had no parents to care for my well being, my teachers warned me about the professional world where merit often goes unacknowledged.

Upon graduating into the ‘professional world’ I realized their warnings were warranted but I’ve tried to understand why things got that way out here in ‘the real world’ including the ‘real virtual marketplace’ gentrified by the same grabby big money grabbers who grab up the other ‘real estate’ that’s referred to and promoted by big money media.

They are the same grabbers. Some are loud and most are quiet about the grabbing.

I’m working for a better future .

The one my protagonist ‘eVe’ describes in my Oscars 2020 Contender ‘eVe N’god this female is not yet rated™’©

A future that’s more like – the ‘thriving of the fairest ‘ ™© than the ‘survival of the fittest’ modeled and amplified by reality show nightmares that morph from “survivor” on tv to survivors of a covid ward or a forced separation from family at the border to an eviction to …

Know what I’m saying?

Because to me – that’s not just survival …that’s thriving … that’s a goal that moves the planet forward … not just basic reflexes.

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