“Cells have walls – that talk, … don’t they ?” #SocialDistancing #Covid19 + the two main characters in my movie – are never in the same room … © cali lili™


I made a movie that deals with – pretty much everything today’s global cultures are grappling to heal – racism, sexism, homophobia + climate denial –

but, up until recently, I hadn’t mentioned that 2 main characters in the film – are actually never in the same room throughout the entire two hour movie.

The week I first published this essay was an appropriate one to explore that aspect – which sought to discover ways in which living beings persevere to always find meaning and – poignancy – even as we communicate beyond arbitrary boundaries.

My movie is loaded with tiny clues symbols + #codes / #code for those who are #game for the treasure-hunt + don’t mind #geekingout to discover some treasure.

I’m not a #scientist + I know u guys get PISSED when movies get it wrong – but I definitely worked, as a poet – to show my love for precious #Science

we all feel the wish to contribute where ever is possible …

This week I’m looking back at this essay … Realizing that my most comfortable means of expression is poetry, so sometimes meaning can be a multilevel multisensory experience …

l continue to be struck by the parallel nature of covid-19 virus + the behaviors we must adopt, then adapt to shield ourselves from it.

Once again, the mirrors in between micro + macro might hold meaning in such reflection?

Just as our walls are permeated and controlled by membranes (include Zoom) – so too are our cell walls.

I don’t pretend to do science.

Just thinking.

what if the cures originate in reverse engineering the protective behaviors we as “host” might need to use for shielding?

But first, don’t we need to identify the truth about the origins of this pathogen? In a climate dominated by lies , that seems extra important.

Here too, truth matters.

My movie and this essay are not science. Again, Just thinking.

My thesis for this part of the movie, was actually my exploration of the word #cellular or “cell.” The outer membrane of a #cell (varying from cell2cell™) both protects the cell but is ALSO often a permeable – “cell-phone” – mode of #transmission which is – of course – #communication + further interesting – is the fact that we call our phones – a principal means of communication / togetherness – “cells” even while – “cells” are a means of both incarceration and #quarantineCells have walls that talk, don’t they …

My fascination for the metaphorical “walls” that separate the two characters in my movie – but which also serve as a “means” for communication / transmission – seems so exceptionally poignant this first week of #covid19 awareness in America …

As my anxiety, like that of many – is definitely active whenever I fully attend to “what’s happening” – i find myself rediscovering my film, in ways I had hoped fellow cinephiles would do.

As more find ourselves in a state of what is being called #socialdistancing – I’m ruminating on this thread of the story in

#eVeNgodThisFemaleIsNotYetRated™☯️ perhaps we can schedule an online Facebook discussion about the movie in future. “

Movie out on #AppleTV #iTunes #googleplay #Youtube + #vimeo #worldwide (soundtrack available everywhere music streams )



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🎵🍎 https://t.co/cLRvSOk0gy
🎙️ 2019 Interview https://t.co/9NHCWmeUe7

🎬🍎 https://t.co/r7hwds7iDs
🎵🍎 https://t.co/cLRvSOk0gy
🎙️2019 Interview https://t.co/9NHCWmeUe7