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#21stCentury is our Opportunity to ask OURSELVES …

“ In these "Hard Times” it’s so easy to point out “What’s Wrong with _____ ” bc since #Election2016, so many harmful behaviors have been given free reign, running “#wild” to challenge “#civilization” … I have been looking for ways to learn from it all … and one of the places my mind keeps “roaming” … is that … these harmful behaviors are exhibited by those who took the opportunity to capitalize upon the #Misogyny#Racism #Homophobia #Sexism #Corporatism #ClimateDenial #Greed + Fanciful Justifiers 4 #Indifference 2wrd our fellow #HumanBeings #Life#Wildlife #MotherEarth #Oceans which has unfortunately sought to fully dominate our shared cultures, civilizations and #planet for years, and centuries. The #21stCentury is our #Opportunity to View, in full View … the tendencies we have struggled to manage for so long … the #21stCentury is our Opportunity to ask OURSELVES, every one of us : What part of ME seeks to #coopt and #compete instead of #cooperate… We see that #competitive “ one upsmanship ” in every aspect of every #industry … including industries like #arts + #education#medicine#law … not to say that #competition is necessarily negative, it often brings out the best in us … but often, it’s just about #Power + finally #Succeeding so we can brag to our parents, friends, and ourselves … We see daily, as a result of the #misogyny which has seeped itself deeply into the cell walls of every aspect of culture, including EVEN the #DemocraticParty ( we know the Republican Party has fed from the trough of misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia, and climate neglect for many years ) What we witness today is an example of what happens with an #Ego #RunAmuck … the #depravity of pure #ambition … leading to pure fascism … so I ask every one of us … to ask ourselves in our own hearts : in what part of my life am I seeking to co-opt innocence simply in order to prove my “superiority” … Again, nothing wrong with #competing for a #prize … especially when it’s in #fun and #celebration of the #humanspirit … and especially when it #Unites Us … but I ask, that we ask ourselves : is it a clean competition in which I engage ? Am I simply shutting down my competition in order to win so I can prove to my parents, my friends, myself that I really AM a success ? And … how do I define #success ? … All these ideas came to me as I listened to this episode about #Wildlife … I was particularly struck by the #misogyny I heard from a #Scientist studying #whoopingcranes … LOL … I know that is obscure … but having just made a feature film / indie film that deals in part, with #MisogynyInScience and #FemaleScientists … I guess my “antennae” are sensitized to hearing it ….( yes I know some would say “over-sensitized” … see, THAT’s part of the problem with #misogyny … it can be explained … #mansplained in so many which ways ) …. So … Here are some thoughts about the #whoopingcrane story … http://www.radiolab.org/story/birds/#commentform ( in short : scientists conducted an #experiment releasing whooping cranes “into the wild” but found the cranes began feeding on #birdfeeders situated in a backyard … when they asked the “lady of the house” to take down her bird-feeders, she refused … we ultimately discover that the reason she refused to take down the feeders, is that her husband, dying of #alzheimers disease, took his greatest final pleasures, and final moments with his wife, in viewing the birds who had visited their home for so many years … ) … these thoughts also relate to every other aspect of this excellent episode of the always excellent #radiolab #radiolabpodcast : i want to preface my comment with the fact that I am a person who is SUPER dedicated to protecting the #environment, and ESPECIALLY our sisters and brothers in the wildlife kingdom… I mean … I am VERY involved in caring for the environment … but when I heard the scientist in the whooping crane story, reacting to the gentlewoman, who was caring for her ailing husband, in part thru their life-long relationship to wildlife .. I i found it so … unfortunately “predictable” that the scientist would have called the woman with the bird-feeders a “crazy bird woman” … he either knew or didn’t care about the circumstances that led her to refuse to take down the feeders … if scientists decide to do an experiment “in the wild” … and yet they are conducting the experiment with a perimeter that includes “human wild-life” … as in, us humans, as “wild” beings with “wild” emotions, “wild” needs … especially those of us who happen to be #male, who may exhibit our “wildness” in a manner that might be ( likely is) very VERY different from the “wildness” of male humans, … ( that wildness in us females, often exhibited in behaviors related to “love” , “ nurturing” “family bonding” … etc …. ) then scientists might add in to their experiment, how the “wildness” in humans might intersect with animal “wild life” … as you might glean, i actually consider aspects of human behavior to be “wild life” … and I know that the dampening of that part of human beings, leads to a deadly “over intellectualization” … and eventually a “corporatization” of the human, being human … so I’d ask … why didn’t the scientists conduct the experiment in a region where there could be no bird-feeders ? … and I also request … that Scientists listen to the misogynist, cruel tone struck, when they maligned the gentlewoman’s “mental capacities” when she wouldn’t succumb to their dictates … I want it to be understood, that in a misogynist world, in large and small ways, women, females, girls, who refuse to do what we are told … by some real or imagined “authority” figure, are often maligned in the same manner … and very often called “crazy” when we refuse to give up what is wild in us. These scientists would be better served, learning from the “crazy bird lady” than in attempting to poach what is wild in her. “ ©Cali Lili ™
If there are any #FemaleScientists out there who might like to discuss these ideas, and perhaps discuss a preview of my feature film project, I am definitely interested in a discussion and my FeMPoWorD™ team and I would appreciate your "likes” and shares on the Movie Trailer, Social Media sites, and at the Music previews site !
( Preview song from my upcoming Motion Picture entitled “ eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated ™ : https://calililiindies.bandcamp.com/track/rules-of-engagement-ragtagraptag-cali-lili-cali-lili-indies-all-rights-reserved


eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™

#Interview :  #womeninfilm #featurefilm : “ We #interview ‘eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™’
Writer/Dir/Prod #CaliLili #Indies @CaliLiliIndies …  click link for #TheInterview 

eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™


eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™

#Interview :  #womeninfilm #featurefilm : “ We #interview ‘eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™’
Writer/Dir/Prod #CaliLili #Indies @CaliLiliIndies …  click link for #TheInterview 

eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™


eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™

#Interview :  #womeninfilm #featurefilm : “ We #interview ‘eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™’
Writer/Dir/Prod #CaliLili #Indies @CaliLiliIndies …  click link for #TheInterview 

eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™


C.Lili™SurF #Inclusion #Women #STEM #LGBT #Diversity #CSforAll #ClimateChange #TECH

Recently I learned of the “tag” #CSforall

Of Course I say Brava #ComputerScienceforall !

Then, I read about the excellent program, providing computer sciences for kids  …

I recognized a familiar paradox.

Every proclamation including the words “For All ” … by definition does imply inclusion.

Here’s A Thought …

In this “age of  information” …

During this unprecedented exponentially expansive phase of our universal universals …

I’m thinkin’ … how ‘bout including adults in many programs designed exclusively for kids, to make this actually “For All” …

I’m thinking of citizens who might be homeless , impoverished, senior citizens, mothers, individuals living with physical and mental health challenges/addictions , unemployed individuals,  disabled individuals, runaways, transgender adults, individuals emigrating from other countries … individuals who may have lost hope but might find new pathways thru education and opportunity … etc…

… all of which are of course LABELS by which these individuals disappear.

I think it’s high time for global cultures to stop labelling, as labels remove dignity, thereby dismissing human beings as …  "not interesting" and basically express “we’re just not that into you.”

I’ve had the honor of working with / getting to know a few “elderly”/”mature” actresses + actors / crew / musicians in the entertainment industry, all of whom should, not only be working more often (and who’s health would probably be much better, had they been able to work more in their field especially after proving their success as stars or known craftspersons) … but all of whom, are definitely intelligent enough + curious enough to have become far more tech-literate than they currently are, if only they’d had the opportunity + encouragement from our youth-centered / profit-centered cultures.  

I’ve also experienced the struggles involved in carving a path for one’s purpose in life, both as the personal struggles of an emerging artist and also, in my endeavours to help others, including homeless individuals, so-called “senior citizens" and those considered “minorities,” (all labels) who are equally intelligent / qualified to embrace tech and are RAVENOUS for opportunity but are no longer in school.

As #Tech #STEM grow exponentially with ever increasing speed, it’s important to be inclusive of adults who might fall thru the gaps.

I think it’s unhealthy to keep intact a message that  plagues our societies/cultures , a message that especially damages WOMEN + GIRLS but which also affects boys + men.

That message is, that “you are only truly interesting to our society / culture when you identify as … this or that …  or are … between the ages of …this … or that … ”  

… of course the message adds, that this window of time and mental space  in which a Girl is perceived as “interesting” or “valuable” is a shorter AND NARROWER one for girls .

As a young adult, now looking back at my experience as a teenage, gay, multi-cultural artist who raised myself in spite of an abusive childhood …

Due to my pale skin, drive, cheerful attitude and achievements, nobody thought to ask me if everything was ok at home, as I rode the subways late at night alone in NYC and travelled back and forth to LA, surviving as a sorta …“ Runaway with a Scholarship ©" … (excerpt ©Cali Lili™ all rights reserved)

I realize that after graduating with a Masters Degree and honours at a SUPER YOUNG AGE …

no matter how much inclusion I experienced in liberal schools …

… no matter many awards + scholarships + grades skipped for early graduations I earned …

when I got out into the “marketplace” / “workplace” … this “PLACE “ is,  a much less welcoming place than I had been prepared to expect …

but far less welcoming, especially for “someone like me" … whom with all my apparent “white privilege" has never aspired to fit into the mold, that forms the “cage” into which some of us define as “success.”  

Pigeon Holes are Definitely No Privilege, they are in fact, Prisons for both mind and soul.

If one is blessed with an undeniable and urgent sense of purpose,  seeks to forge a new path, share new ideas, new perspectives with innovation in mind and heart, no privilege, white or other, can hold a candle to the relentless hard work that it takes to fulfill a self motivated path of action.

It’s as if, my innovative ideas and the passion with which I express them, which led to all my achievements as a student, which led to rewards, are now seen in some “real world” … “one percenter driven” circumstances,  as “undesirably disruptive” …

… or what is far more damaging : met with blithe indifference.

Even in this new atmosphere of “innovation for the privileged ” + “pro disruptive for the few” … there are qualifiers that provide filters designed by tired patriarchal paradigms.

It’s quite a shocker if one is unprepared for that bias, believing falsely that the inclusion experienced in school, is necessarily embraced by society/culture/workplace.

Young Female acting roles are more often geared to show off my “assets,” which is fine when the character has a mind, soul, … something ! 🙂

When I began to put my own projects/vehicles together … it was rather interesting to observe the disempowering behaviors of some ancient caveman patriarchy lingering into the 21st Century halls of power.

Investment bankers with lofty humanitarian claims and Academy Award winning producers alike, signed onto my actress/director projects, lauding my creativity and beauty, but were reluctant to consider their investment in my projects on an equal footing with my colleagues who were male, less talented, less hardworking and less innovative.

In school I had seriously assumed that in the 21st Century, a “liberal” culture embracing “parity” was a “no brainer.”   

With technology moving so fast, we run the risk of “discarding” individuals in ever-evolving “subcultures,”  at ever younger ages, in service of some commercialized /corporate culture that exists mostly in service to the acquisition of financial profits + competition in the world marketplace.

Culture must end the use of the term “subculture” or “alternative” because every “body” is a component of “global culture” on this planet, or are we simply unwilling to let everybody into the club?

Discounting the value or “humanity” of any fellow human being creates the conditions for war as an option for the solving of problems, which if course, it is not. The killing of any body is the killing of us all.  

Profit + Competition definitely have their place, but let’s have a look at how we over emphasize the “value” of “might” or “power as war machine”, or that nebulous subjective concept of “youth,” as we discount the equally valuable … i’d say absolutely crucial, importance of providing ONGOING educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that are TRULY INCLUSIVE Across the Board, that is, for ABSOLUTELY EVERY ONE ,  an inclusive concept devoid of the  discrimination that is a consequence of bias and which is especially damaging for Girls/Women. In fact, I suggest that it’s actually a discriminatory and practice to force any #Girl or #Woman to reveal her age for any reason whatsoever but I’d go further and include men.

Our planet faces tremendous challenges as result of an overvalued “value” on the “alpha” characteristics that tend to “win wars.”

We’ve focused so heavily on these strengths, that in my view, we’ve turned them into weakness, and into a war against our own survival as a species / planet.

Making true inclusion , a cultural space that welcomes vulnerability, and in fact recognizes, that often vulnerability is indeed STRENGTH … not only empowers those of us who’ve been held under the glass ceiling for so long, they are in danger of losing their voice, it also teaches us the truth, which is, that Power is the result of such “vulnerable” and “human” qualities, as “kindness” or dare I mention the word, “love.”

Yes. There is unequivocally, no greater power than love.

So, lets fix, let’s rebuild global cultures with new paradigms glue and save … not just our planet, but literally,  Our Selves …
Every Single One of US.


I’ve made a TRULY independent feature film + album at my Very Tiny, Sustainable, Upcycled, Green, Woman-Owned Film, Music + Publishing Space in Venice, California.

My projects deal with social justice + climate action themes and my FeMPoWorD™ Team would greatly appreciate your support ;)!

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