When u consider #movies + #music #AtHome #PleaseConsiderUs #Oscars2020 Contender ” eVe n’ god this female is not yet rated ™ ” ©

When u consider #movies + #music #AtHome #PleaseConsiderUs 
 #Oscars2020 Contender 
“eVe N’god this female is not yet rated ™ ” ©
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Indie Artists Are Endangered Species
By ©CaliLili™

A “coupla” years ago, I set out to make my Indie Feature Film and Full length album, both of which are ABOUT Diversity.

My FIERCELY INDIE Upcycled, Recycled Sustainable, and Green Film + Music FeMtO™StudiO was built from SCRATCH with upcycled and recycled materials and honors the Ocean environment on which it stands.

I wanted to MAKE my projects with a DIVERSE Team AND I wanted to be FREE from Corporate Overlords.

It took me a second, but I did it … with a whole lotta help from my team.

I can proudly say, we ARE in our final stages of POST Production as the mostly edited film has been awaiting her music, and her ENDING SCENE … the album is damn near complete and we shot our ending:)

This is the first of many in the pipeline of my now thriving FeMtO™StudiO

The Oscars controversy led me to meditate on a topic I will continue to explore as one of my personal challenges, as an “Outsider” working at the “Cutting Edge Of The Pacific™ ” … and Hollywood.

I was faced with this challenge very early on in life bc I knew that I was born to make art from the moment I became aware of my existence …

… unfortunately, raising myself in abusive circumstances made these challenges far more challenging and I’ve been steadily climbing the hill for a long time now …

…but that abusive childhood actually PREPARED me for some of what I’ve experienced in the Hollywood experience … though, I must admit, I was heartbroken to discover the gatekeeper often sexist and exceptionally hurtful atmosphere.

Dear Friends

It’s no joke,

Indie Artists, especially Females + Persons Of Color and or So Called “Alternative Cultural / Sexual Preference / Lifestyle / Gender Orientation” ARE an Endangered Species.

Everybody knows the story of now famous painter Vincent VanGogh who lived in poverty, cut his own ear off in desperation, and who’s paintings after death, made gazillions of cash, generating it’s own industry.

I’m advocating that our cultures directly keep artists working while we are alive.

Many dangers are faced depending on what part of the world we live in… but endangered species we certainly are.

These dangers reflect the cultural biosphere at large … in some cultures, violence is threatened in order to shut down free speech by artists.

In more commercial based cultures it’s a slow death via economic erasure, starvation, and quiet degradation.

As with endangered species, sometimes Our Parts, are “poached” by large + small media daily.

It’s subtle, parts of a work can b cannibalized + applied to one project this year, with other parts used next year… no attribution, no compensation.

But far Worse, is erasure by indifference to good work in favor of mediocrity or crass commercialism .

That’s a cliche but this is commonplace and adds to our invisibility bc you, the audience are often watching on your screens, what has been predetermined via cultural bias.

Ideas + expressions ARE literally, life-blood to the artist …

YOU as audience can REALLY tell, when an artist LIVES AND BREATHES what she or he is doing…

YOU know the difference between a home baked cookie and the one wrapped and slapped up by factory committee.

Worst of all …

If our indie voices are shouted down by corporate art, bought and paid for … and far louder, amped up by corporation chaching ….

If indie artists are ignored by the very people we seek to share with, at the hearth and heart of society, culture, village, neighborhood …

Someday, indie artists , speaking that lone wolf language, sharing that message of freedom and individuality, may cease to believe in themselves.

And That, dear audience, if you check the history and herstory of artistic suppression … will, inevitably and irreparably, destroy freedom, individuality, and civilization, for us all.

In the case of indifference, you can make a difference by seeking out and supporting Indie Artists that you believe in. It doesn’t take much to support the arts and it helps artists so much more when you do so directly, bc giving money to a Big Corporation or even to a government arts council is really paying your support into a large structure that maintains those prejudicial structures and favours whomever the corporation or government favours.

We are tiny voices, squeaking for our lives and we really do this work, for you… No really, we really do… that’s why so many of us give up lucrative opportunities, to remain free in our creative voices ….

If u know an artist’s works,

If u genuinely appreciate their work,

Please DO Let them know it. Please DO support them directly and monetarily if you can by simply buying directly from them whenever possible.

It actually CAN be a life + death matter.
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